Siatkówczak chce mi zabrać wzrok - pomóżmy Michałkowi pokonać raka

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Michal was born on 8 May 2014 as a completely healthy child. Half year later Michal’s mommy noticed a strange thing. Something was definitely wrong with his right eye. They had a bad feeling about this. The pupil sometimes looked sort of transparent as if you could see what was inside that eye. The opthalmologist words were shocking to us: „I’m not sure, but this can be the eye cancer – retinoblastoma! The child must be examined in hospital under general anaesthesia”. Parents had to act quickly – there was no time to lose. The eye examination was scheduled for the first day after the Christmas break. All family waited impatiently for the eye examination hoping that the doctor was wrong… But she wasn’t wrong…This was the new reality to face, a bilateral retinoblastoma and the chemotherapy had to be started as soon as possible. It began just two days later. To make matters worse, on New Year’s Day his state deteriorated and the doctors spotted chickenpox blisters on his body – the chemotherapy was stopped immediately and Michal was transported to the other hospital. It took many days before Michal got better and the treatment could continue. So much happened and this was only the beginning of Michal’s fight against cancer…After 6 cycles of chemotherapy, interrupted by numerous infections, there came a few months of hope. The results of eye exams were good and it seemed that everything was going to be OK. Unfortunately, the hopes ended just after 3 months. The numerous new cancer outbreaks were found in Michal's right eye... During next months, the doctors tried to save Michal's eye using laser therapy, followed by cryotherapy and both these therapies combined. After a few months of therapies there came a new hope that Michal's fight will soon be over – the eye examinations' results in January and February 2016 were surprisingly the beginning of April the new cancer outbreak in the right eye appeared virtually out of nothing and was so big and badly placed that doctors couldn't do much and local therapies were pointless. Only intraarterial chemotherapy can make the difference, but because of the type of cancer remission the chances for the successful treatment and saving the right eye are estimated at only 25%... The chance is slim. Is Michal that lucky to count on it? At the moment the tumors in the left eye stay inactive, but how long will that be? Parents decided to seek help with Dr David Abramson in New York, who is the best specialist in the world and his experience at fighting retinoblastoma is enormous. Dr Abramson gives Michal 95% chaces for a successful treatment and saving both eyes and his eyesight! However, the cost of Michal’s treatment in the USA is enormous – well over 300 thousand dollars… Lots of people are already helping Michal, but to collect the money, and start Michal’s treatment in the USA with Dr Abramson, thousands more are needed...
I believe that with help and financial support from Basement family Michal will start the treatment in the US soon, beat the cancer and save his eyes. If you want to support our son financially in his fight against cancer, please make a donation to the Siepomaga Foundation, which is collecting money to cover the costs of Michal's treatment in the USA.

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