Blink for Filip!

Maciej Szymanski
organizator skarbonki

Filip, 4 year old son of my friend in Poland have been very recently diagnosed with eye cancer. The treatment with conventional methods in Poland is not possible. Respectively his sight and life are in imminent and serious danger.

The only hope is immediate treatment in MSKIC in New York.

The overall cost is around 163k EUR. Money has to be collected until 2nd of October. The response of people is already amazing. In just the last 2 days we have been able to already gather 55k EUR (236k PLN).

But we cannot stop!

Please support this important cause!
Let's make it happen for Filip!

1 EUR is around 4.3 PLN
1 USD is around 3.7 PLN

Maciej Szymanski


200 zł

Jerry Gustafsson

With all my wishes for a good treatment
400 zł

Wpłata anonimowa

200 zł

Alessandro & Beata Mantione

Best wishes, you are in our prayers
250 zł


50 zł

Wpłata anonimowa

150 zł

Steffen Gißmann

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