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Polska Akcja Humanitarna
Polska Akcja Humanitarna

War in Ukraine - we ask you for urgent support!

SOS UKRAINE - WHAT WE DO UPDATE April, 25 - Oksana - mobile assistant Oksana is a mobile assistant for people with disabilities from Ukraine. She works in Stowarzyszenie Mudita, where she spends time with people who need assistance - she accompanies them to the doctor's and errands, helps with translations, and with getting around.  Mudita established a new Support Center in Warsaw that offers professional help to people with disabilities, provides psychosocial support, and organizes integrative workshops. People interested in their services can come to the Center or call the hotline.  Oksana, who has been in Poland for several years now, says: "I can relate to being a migrant. Now these refugees are also migrants and go through the same, so I understand them. I am very happy with what I do because it combines work and helping. It gives me satisfaction. I have the need to help".  We support Mudita's Centers in Warsaw and Cracow. This project is co-implemented with CARE and Plan International. Above all, our activities are made possible by your contributions to this collection. Thank you very much for your trust and we ask you to continue to support us. We have launched a website on which we publish up-to-date information about PAH's activities related to the war in Ukraine.  UPDATE March, 24 - 2600 people in Kyiv oblast received psychosocial assistance The Kyiv region is one of the areas that suffered most severely in the first months of the escalation of the war in Ukraine. Psychosocial support is badly needed there all the time. That's why we regularly organize psychological support sessions for those affected by the war. We have also opened three field centers that provide ongoing assistance to residents and internally displaced people. As part of our current psycho-social assistance project in Kyivska oblast, help has been provided to more than 2 600 people. Four of PAH’s psychologists conducted psychoeducational sessions with both institution’s workers and residents, teaching them:🔸 how stress affects the body, 🔸 what the consequences of stress can be, 🔸 practical exercises to stabilize their condition and support their loved ones. Much of the work was done in small villages with insufficient access to professional help and in the territories that suffered the most during the first months of the war. We found people from these communities in a difficult emotional state.One of our psychologists tells us: “People complain of feeling unwell, intrusive memories, anxious thoughts, and sleep disturbances. Many seek individual consultations after our sessions”. In total, the project covered about 200 institutions, among them: schools, territorial centers, and social protection services. Employees of these institutions work with people, so psychoeducation is important and useful from a long-term perspective: both for them and their work.This project is financed by the EU Humanitarian Aid. Above all, our activities are made possible by your contributions to this collection. Thank you very much for your trust and we ask you to continue to support us. ---------------------------------------------- UPDATE November 3 - Psychological Support Providing psychological support in the Donetsk oblast is now difficult, especially in the frontline Lyman and Bakhmut. But right now so many people need help because of stress, trauma, loss of loved ones, destruction of homes, incompetence about their future. That is why our psychologists help the inhabitants of this region by conducting consultations over the phone. Project co-financed within the framework of the Polish development cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland. We have launched a website on which we publish up-to-date information about PAH activities related to the war in Ukraine. ---------------------------------------------- UPDATE August 2 - Raisa In July, we delivered 3,500 ready-to-cook packages to Mikołajów in the south of Ukraine. Each package weighs 18 kg and covers the needs of one family per month.  Inside, there are products such as pasta, rice, canned food, sunflower oil and salt.\ The aid reached people directly affected by the ongoing conflict, including to the elderly, people with disabilities, children without parents, low-income families and pregnant women. 13 distribution points were opened in Mykolaiv, supported by local Ukrainian organizations. Project in cooperation with the World Food Program. We have launched a website on which we publish up-to-date information about PAH's activities related to the war in Ukraine. ------------------------- UPDATE June 9 - Raisa Update from our activities in Ukraine! Mrs Raisa lives in the small town of Nju-York in the Donetsk Oblast. Even though she lost her arm at the age of 27, she never gave up and learned not only to live fully independently and to care for her children, but also to embroider and crochet. Now, during intensified hostilities, she tries to take care of her mental health and support the neighbors who could not leave. Mrs Raisa has always actively participated in the activities at the Psychosocial Assistance Center we run. Currently, the activities of the center are suspended, but as soon as safety considerations allow, our employees reach people in need, including providing them with essential products. We have launched a website on which we publish up-to-date information about PAH's activities related to the war in Ukraine.  -------- UPDATE June 3 Update from our activities in Ukraine! We organize regular aid transports to Ukraine for internally displaced persons and individuals who have not been able to leave their homes. We provide food and hygiene products as well as household chemicals for adults and children, taking into account the needs of the elderly, people with disabilities and infants. Some of the activities are carried out in cooperation with our international partners, and the distribution is supported by local Ukrainian organizations. We have launched a website on which we publish up-to-date information about PAH's activities related to the war in Ukraine.    ------------ SOS UKRAINE - WHAT WE DO UPDATE May 9 Update from our activities in Ukraine! Because of the war in Ukraine, more than 13 million people had to leave their homes. 7.7 million of them are displaced within their own country. Last week, we delivered food kits to people who, fleeing Kyiv and eastern Ukraine, found refuge in the Volyn Oblast - close to the border with Poland. The package includes products such as flour, groats, canned food, pasta, oil, chocolate, dried fruit, sugar and salt. Each package is prepared to be enough for a month. The next distributions will take place in this and next week. We have launched a website on which we publish up-to-date information about PAH's activities related to the war in Ukraine. UPDATE April 28 Update from our activities in Ukraine! This week we delivered more packages to the villages of Donetsk region: ✅ 966 hygiene kits for adults✅ 1200 food parcels for families  The packages went to Toretsko, Luhansk, Svitlodarsk thanks to our local staff. Additionally, we delivered 2034 adult hygiene kits to Zaporoże. We were supported in this distribution by our local partner Posmishka UA.  All transportation was organized in cooperation with GOAL. We have launched a website on which we publish up-to-date information about PAH's activities related to the war in Ukraine.  UPDATE April 15 Information Centre on Aid to War Victims in Ukraine  We have launched a website on which we publish up-to-date information about PAH's activities related to the war in Ukraine. UPDATE April 8 Food kits and hygiene kits in Kyiv Together with Tovarystvo Leva we distributed food kits and hygiene kits in Kyiv and Kyiv region. In total, we supported 3,046 the most vulnerable people, including internally displaced persons, families with one caregiver, large families and people with disabilities. We keep you informed about our activities on PolishHumanitarianAction UPDATE March 30 Convoy with Humanitarian Aid  Another convoy with humanitarian aid arrived in Ukraine. It includes, among others soap, laundry detergents, menstrual hygiene materials and blankets. The products will go directly to the inhabitants of the Donetsk Oblast, and some of them will be distributed through hospitals or centers for internally displaced persons.  In total we will reach 6,300 families in this region. We keep you informed about our activities on UPDATE March 17 Katia and her 5-year-old daughter Tamila had to flee their home for the second time because of the war. They came to Poland from Kiev. Previously, Kati and her husband lived in Donetsk, which they left in 2014 after the conflict began.  On 24th of February they were woken up by explosions in Kiev, they spent three days in the basement. Katia and Tamila left the city on a crowded and stuffy train. Katia's husband was on the second train, which was stopped by bombing - he did not make it to the border to say goodbye. When we met Katia in Hrebenne, she was a refugee who needed our support, but on the next day she was actively involved in helping other people by preparing packages for newcomers at the border. Photo taken by Piotr Matlok / 33 Wodna Drużyna Harcerska / PAH  We keep you informed about our activities on UPDATE March 10 In eastern Ukraine, we run psychosocial assistance centers, which are mainly needed by elderly, lonely and disabled people. Centers are now closed for security reasons, but our social workers continue to support the most vulnerable elderly wherever and whenever possible. They bring water and necessities, they ask what they need. Additionally, our psychologists contact the elderly by telephone to help them cope with the current situation. At this most difficult time, we cannot leave people in Ukraine without help. We act and we will act for them as well. We keep you informed about our activities on --- ✅We drove with the transport of food and hygiene products to Ukraine. There is a warehouse on site from which products are distributed to the local community. At the same time, transports also take place in the south of Poland. ✅Additionally, we are opening an emergency aid point in Rawa Ruska, which is operated by Ukrainian volunteers. On that point, people will be able to eat, drink something warm, and get necessities. We organize these activities together with Stowarzyszenie Folkowisko and Stowarzyszenie "Czajnia". Thanks to local cooperation, we can work most efficiently! We keep you informed about our activities on

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PACS2 Research Foundation
PACS2 Research Foundation

#missionCURE: we drive treatment development for rare genetic disorder

A disease too rare to work on. While there are chances for treatment development. We are not able to remain indifferent to such opportunities. Even if it means working for 3 jobs and entering completely unknown waters. We are parents of Lena who was diagnosed with an ultrarare genetic mutation in PACS2 gene. We want our daughter to be independent. We want her to live life to the fullest, to have friends, to fool around with Zuzia, her twin sister. Only a cure can give her that. Her and other children with the same diagnosis. Our Story Lena and Zuzia were born in September 2021. For three months we were just ordinary parents dying of exhaustion, depressed with children crying for no reason and melting because the little one smiled at 2 in the morning. We spent Christmas Eve with our family, my grandparents met their first (!) great-granddaughters. Life - despite constant sleep deprivation - was beautiful. Nevertheless, we will remember those Christmas for other reason.  In the morning Lena woke up with a scream and a minute later she had her first epileptic episode, being in our arms… when on December, 31st, we were leaving a hospital, it was 30 episodes later. For several days she was unconscious, she was too weak to eat, each time she woke up, it caused new episode.  We came back home to completely different world. To completely different life. We welcomed New Year with hope. All medical examination was “clean” – according to that Lena looked healthy, having infantile epilepsy of no origin. But despite admitting anti-epileptic drugs, three weeks later another series of seizures came…we realize only now, how dangerous it was for her. Not having excellent doctors’ care, she would not be in such a form today. When we were discharged from the hospital again, our doctor said that the only thing we can still do is WES - Whole Exome Sequencing – which is the examination of the entire genotype responsible for protein coding. That didn't tell us much but we proceeded. PACS2 syndrome Mid-February 2022 the results came: a pathogenic variant in gene PACS2, in heterozygous state, the autosomal dominant mode. We understood exactly nothing but the description left no hope - „Key features of patients are moderate [8-10 years old] to severe [0-2 years old] intellectual disability, variable developmental delay [including limited or no speech], cerebellar dysgenesis and other central nervous system malformations, muscle hypotonia, facial dysmorphism, and behavioral disturbances [autism spectrum disorders].  Searching on Google did not help. A few dozen cases globally. Two in Poland where we live.  Our PLAN Currently there is no treatment for PACS2 syndrome and nobody is working on it. Or rather: no one did. The syndrome can become curable, maybe even in 3-4 years, but someone had to take care of it. In May this year, we registered PACS2 Research Foundation, which is the only foundation working for children with PACS2 syndrome in the world. Our main goal is to drive treatment development by financing and coordinating scientific research. These are not just dreams of parents devastated by unexpected daughter’s condition. There are several dozens of similar foundations working for other genetic disorders. They work for millions of people suffering from - today incurable - rare diseases. We have already managed to get in contact with incredible scientists and physicians. We are in touch with some parents leading similar organizations in the United States and we build on their experience. At the moment our biggest challenge is financing. Without it we cannot start off. We organize this fundraising action for the first phase of planned research. Before we can get grants or engage big corporations, we have to have some research and hypothesis in place.  Below some useful links:  Roadmap for treatment development: If you want to get to know us better:

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Fundacja Siepomaga
Fundacja Siepomaga


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