10 burpees for Luk

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In January this year a team of physicians from Boston Children's Hospital under the leadership of Prof. Alan B. Retik decided to split Luke’s surgery into two stages. The first stage (beginning of February), was fully paid by the employer of  Luke’s dad! The money is already transferred to  hospital in Boston. Therefore, we reduce the amount of money to be collected. Now we need to cover just the second part of Luke’s treatment, which is planned for the end of March 2017.

CFV motivates people with character to improve their lifestyle. 

We have inspired Luke's aunt and turned her life upside down. Now we'd like to help Luke too. We'd love to give him a chance for a happy childhood.

Because of the congenital defect during fetal life Luk’s kidney and urinary tract were extensively damaged. Currently, his health and life is secured by fistula - a small hall in his back helping in urine decompression. It can’t be like that for a lifetime! Luk must undergo a difficult and complex reconstruction surgery of his urinary tract. The surgery must take place at Boston Children's Hospital in the United States. This unique hospital gives the best guarantee for the success of the therapy and can bring normal life to Luk!

His treatment costs $100K - that's a lot.

We have little time left until 27.02.

Everyone can help.

Exercise and save Luke's life.


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