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Mama z onkologii potrzebuje pomocy

Agnieszka Borkowska
Campaign finished
209 131,01 zł ( 102.51% )
Donated by 5602 people
Campaign goal:

terapia protonowa w Czechach

Campaign organiser: Fundacja Siepomaga
Agnieszka Borkowska, 40 years
Gniezno, wielkopolskie
guzy mózgu: oponiaki, postać złośliwa, szybko narastająca (III stopień złośliwości)
Starts at: 04 April 2016
Ends at: 15 April 2016

Campaign result

Cześć, to ja - Aga :)

W Pradze jestem już kolejny (6) tydzeń, terapię rozpoczęłam dokładnie 1 czerwca. Jutro będę miała 25 naświetlanie z 33 zaplanowanych. Pojawiły się wprawdzie różne objawy niepożądane związane z radioterapią, wypadanie włosów i kłopoty ze skórą w miejscu poddawanym naświetlaniom, tęsknię też ogromnie za najbliższymi, ale generalnie czuję się dość dobrze, nie tracę wigoru i wiary w terapię. Na dowód tego przesyłam takie oto zdjęcie, zrobione w świetnie dopasowanej peruce i w pełnym makijażu w pierwszych tygodniach leczenia :) (zdjęcie zrobione w budynku PTC przy jednym z tzw. roll-upów rekalmujących terapię protonową).

Prowadzę tutaj raczej oszczędzający tryb życia, dużo przebywam na świeżym powietrzu, spaceruję.

Terapia kończy się 20 lipca. Od samego początku mam tutaj w Proton Therapy Center przemiłego lekarza prowadzącego (Stepan Vinakurau), który czuwa nad cotygodniowymi badaniami kontrolnymi i przebiegiem całego leczenia. 

Nikt z nas nie wie, jaka będzie przyszłość. Nie wiem i ja. Dlatego jestem dobrej myśli. Bo skoro wszystko może się zdarzyć, to przecież mi też może się udać, prawda? Dzięki Wam jeszcze będzie dobrze. Dziękuję :)

Campaign description

It is said that dreams inspire; they don’t kill. She wanted a child. Unfortunately, when she became pregnant, serious problems began. Hormone changes contributed to the situation when instead of an expected baby, a cancer appeared in her life. Her dreams were over. They were apparently too weak to come true. She, supported by her beloved husband, started to fight. It was a few years ago. Today, together we will try to save the mother of two small children – a person towards whom life hasn’t been too kind and the cancer has taken the rest of her strength. We will help Agnieszka who is 35 and it is too early for her to die!

A few days after the miscarriage Agnieszka became paralysed which led to the loss of sensation in the right part of the body. A “benign” brain tumour was removed. Its huge sensitivity towards hormone changes resulted in the situation, in which she was strongly recommended not to plan any pregnancy in the future.

After 18 months of discussions, they made a decision. Aga and her husband were sure they were ready to be parents. The decided to take care of a baby, who had already was born and needed someone to be looked after. Finally, three-month-old Max became their son. However, normality and happiness were not for long in their lives. Three years after the operation their world ended. The tumour became “malicious”.

Peace disappeared. During the next four years the tumour was operated four times. Exhausting chemotherapy and antiangogenictreatment were added. Agnieszka fought, again. In 2012 an unexpected miracle happened. The pregnancy. It brought both fear and hope. A lot of acquaintances, friends and doctors did not recommend the continuation of the pregnancy,she could die. The baby also could not survive but Agnieszka decided. She saw the only possible way. She decided to save the tiny life. Nevertheless, hormone changes connected with the pregnancy led fast to the serious health consequences. In the third month of the pregnancy she started to have problems with remembering and she could hardly speak. Over time she could not even sigh documents or say her name. Doctors gave no guarantee for a successful delivery. They were sure the baby would die. Fortunately, everybody makes mistakes. In 2013 Agnieszka gave a birth to a beautiful and healthy baby girl. During the time of being pregnant she had been operated. And immediately after the delivery, she went to hospital again and had the second operation. The miracle’s name is Mary, and as for Agnieszka, I have just finished talking to her on the phone.

Last year, two new tumours appeared. The doctors decided to operate on Agnieszka with difficulty. They announced, however, that if the tumour came back, they would not operate… After four months the tumour and fear came back.

As for histopathological examination, it changed – Glioma became Meningioma. Maybe, it would be good news, but unfortunately the stage of disease became IV and forces to the most radical actions. In the case of Agnieszka, it is a very costly Proton Therapy which enables to control the tumour in a better way. The beam of proton radiation destroys the tumour in a more precise way and goes deeper. As a result, the probability of the tumour removal is higher. Now, unfortunately, the situation seems to be worse – Agnieszka has started to have epileptic seizures, progressive stammering and tingling sensations in limbs.

It is the tenth anniversary of being together with the tumour – the Partner who is calm but holds a pointed knife in his hands. She – the mother, she – the patient, she – a human – Agnieszka needs help…

209 131,01 zł ( 102.51% )
Donated by 5602 people
You are reading the old version of the campaign.

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