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Only a liver transplant will save little Alice! Please help before it is too late…

Alicja Cielecka
Fundraiser finished

Only a liver transplant will save little Alice! Please help before it is too late…

Fundraiser goal:

Liver transplant in the clinic in Brussels, Belgium

Entity submitting the fundraiser: Stowarzyszenie Pomocy Chorym Dzieciom LIVER
Alicja Cielecka, 15 months old
Łazy, mazowieckie
Liver disorders, hypoplastic gallbladder or gallbladder atrophy, biliary atresia
Starts on: 07 June 2022
Ends on: 19 October 2022

Fundraiser result

ALICJA jest już po przeszczepie i czuje się świetnie❗️

Właśnie na takie wieści czekaliśmy.

"Dzięki pomocy i wsparciu wielu serc jesteśmy tu, gdzie jesteśmy. Realnie ratujemy życie naszej małej wojowniczki. 

Alicja Cielecka

Alunia i ja czujemy się bardzo dobrze. Wszystko odbyło się bez komplikacji i już dzisiaj patrzymy w przyszłość z wielkimi nadziejami i planami! 

Możemy odetchnąć z ulgą, a wszystkim, którzy byli tutaj z nami, przez wiele miesięcy walki, w trakcie każdego potknięcia, trudów i cierpień — DZIĘKUJEMY! 

Rodzice wraz z Alunią! Wdzięczni do końca życia.."

To również dzięki Tobie, Ala ma szansę normalnie żyć! 

Fundraiser description

URGENT: Little Alice's life is in danger! Liver failure is in progress and has been destroying the little body! The only solution is an urgent liver transplant in the clinic in Brussels, Belgium! Otherwise, Alice will not survive…

Currently, we are waiting for a cost estimate for the surgery. However, we already know that it will exceed 500,000 Polish zlotys. As a mother, who will do everything for her child, I am asking you for help! We are in a race against time to save Alice! 

When Alice was born, fate gave us only two months of joy until the disease revealed itself… We had no idea that death was hidden in that tiny body! When we found out, that Alice was sick, a long, dramatic battle for her life began. She was admitted to the Children’s Memorial Health Institute in Warsaw, where we stayed for some time. Each bad news we received was worse than the other.  

Alice constantly underwent examinations. She was isolated, had her blood tested numerous times, had steroids and antibiotics administered, and received medications and drips, blood and plasma transfusions… Finally, we obtained a DIAGNOSIS. Biliary atresia, blockage in the bile ducts! If untreated with surgery, it can be fatal. It can lead to cirrhosis and eventually death. Most of the children affected with that disorder die before their 3rd birthday! 

Our whole world fell apart, and we practically came to live in the hospital, where we cried many tears, which were not tears of joy… 

It was the worst week of our lives. 

The time pressure and the necessity to make life-saving decisions regarding Alice were hard to comprehend. 

The doctors presented us with a treatment plan. First, we spoke to the best specialists in the Health Institute, who suggested a Kasai procedure. The days following the surgery were critical—we had mixed feelings about its effectiveness. We were also worried about the possible complications. 

The surgery failed to bring the expected results anyway. 

The color of her tiny body and eyes has become yellower, and the test results have worsened. It seemed like the surgery only bought us some time! 

To save Alice’s life, a liver transplant is necessary. Her liver is damaged and degenerates every day due to bile accumulation. It is an ongoing process that results in complete liver failure and cirrhosis. It leads to the destruction of the whole body! 

The thought that our baby girl would not survive is paralyzing!

After we had consulted the doctors at the University Hospital Saint-Luc, we received a decision for immediate transplant surgery! I will donate a part of my liver to my daughter. The surgery is appointed for August. Currently, we are waiting for the cost estimate, but we already know it will exceed 500,000 Polish zlotys. That is why we have already started a fundraiser…

We have no time to lose! Our child is in danger! Every donation brings us closer to our goal to save our baby girl! Please, help us…

Alice's mom

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