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Help to polish my little heart

Anatola Kubowicz
Campaign finished
76 980,89 zł ( 102.22% )
Donated by 4972 people
Campaign goal:

Operacja serca w Munster - korekcja wady

Anatola Kubowicz
Oborniki, wielkopolskie
Wrodzona wada serca: PA, TGA, VSD
Starts at: 26 October 2015
Ends at: 03 February 2016

Campaign result

Anatola Kubowicz


Tola już w klinice w Munster, gdzie na dniach odbędzie się operacja dziewczynki, a jej małe serduszko w końcu zostanie oszlifowane!


Anatola Kubowicz

Anatola Kubowicz


U Toli wszystko w porządku! Dziewczynka po operacji w końcu nabrała sił i nadgania rówieśników. W końcu zaczęła chodzić! Jedna komora serca Toli niestety okazała się za słaba, nie udało jej się zachować. Tola przeszła operację Glenna w kierunku serca jednokomorowego. Przed nią kolejna operacja -  operacja Fontana.


Tutaj możesz wesprzeć zbiórkę na operację Fontana Toli, która odbędzie się na początku 2017 roku. Od niej zależy dalsze życie dziewczynki. Na tej stronie będzie można też przeczytać informację o dalszych losach Toli.

Campaign description

Tiny Diamond. That’s how her mom calls her. Dream treasure, whose glow illuminates even the greatest darkness. Diamond heart, however, it needs polishing to become a brilliant. Otherwise, its brilliance will wither, extinguish forever ...

Tola‘s name is unique just like Tola herself. Seventh Anatola since the beginning of the registration of names, that is, from the late nineteenth century. How did it happen that a small Tola was born in Warsaw, since her parents live in Oborniki Wielkopolskie?

Tola‘s mom, Jagoda, remembers well the moment that changed everything. Week 19 of pregnancy, February 19, at 16.30 - she remembers the clock on the wall during checkup, when she learned about Tola‘s disease. A very serious heart disease, perhaps even more... Shock, disbelief, shivers went through Tola’s mom. Jagoda was convinced that she would see her daughter for a moment, that she would not survive. That she would go out like a spark. Enormous stress and despair that she had to control for the sake of the child. Ms. Jagoda has found strength in learning - she ended two master’s theses - and in positive reactions she encountered. That's when she noticed how people, even strangers, react to a pregnant woman. Smile and the question "how do you feel?" She knew that she must fully accept the child's illness - because it feels it too.

Tola was in a hurry to come into the world. Ms Jagoda was brought to Warsaw by an ambulance driving with the siren going. Tola was born on the first day of summer. Unfortunately, she could not be with her mother like other children on the ward were - she was taken to Centrum Zdrowia Dziecka - CZD (Child Health Centre - CHC) on the Cardiology ward. Mom saw her just for a few minutes, she could not hug or kiss her ... The tiny diamond was accompanied by her loving family members - dad, grandma, aunt, uncle ... Instead of being at home, the little girl spent her first weeks in hospital - in the sixth day of her life Tola already had the first surgery - palliative anastomosis BT (Blalock–Taussig shunt). The struggle for girls life runs from the day of her birth.

Besides heart disease Tola has another health problem - missing radius and thumb in her right hand, so she has only four fingers. Tola copes really well with disabilities and likes the fact that with four fingers she is like Minnie Mouse, which she adores. Family members teach her that being different does not mean being worse. It could not be any other way - Tola’s mom works as a special educational needs teacher. Work gives her strength and Tola’s disease helps her better understand pupils’ parents. She knows that the parents of such children do not need to hear "everything will be fine". You should tell them "you can do it".

Tola’s mother repeats her daughter the same thing. Tola is a fighter. She is also a very smart girl, she can sit and read books for hours. She loves to listen to fairy tales and stories. She only has her eyes for her 10-year-old cousin, who is her biggest role model. She laughs, frolics around, dances, but lately somehow less ... Girls family noticed that Tola gets tired quicker and goes blue. Her little heart badly needs polishing and shows it clearly ...

Tola’s heart defect is very complex, the main vessels arising from the heart - the aorta and the pulmonary trunk swapped places, also pulmonary valve is overgrown. There is a hole between the chambers of the heart that should not be there and blood flows through it. Tola’s complicated heart, however, has two cardiac chambers, just as the heart of each of us - they are almost the same size, they work and pump blood. Unfortunately in Poland it’s impossible to keep the two cardiac chambers system. Cardiosurgeon’s suggested Tola to undergo a Glenn Procedure, which allows her to live, but her heart will be remodeled so that it will work as one chambered. But there is a way to save these two working chambers and give Tola a chance for a healthy heart. It’s possible to undergo this procedure in a German clinic in Munster. However this hope, has a high price - about 160 000 PLN. This amount can give Tola a chance for a healthy heart and a happy life. Let's help to polish this little diamond.

76 980,89 zł ( 102.22% )
Donated by 4972 people
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