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Let's save Anna's life!

Anna Iwaniuk
Fundraiser finished

Let's save Anna's life!

Fundraiser goal:

Terapia nierefundowanym lekiem w walce z nowotworem piersi

Fundraiser organizer: Fundacja Siepomaga
Anna Iwaniuk, 37 years old
Wrocław, dolnośląskie
Triple-negative breast cancer
Starts on: 23 June 2021
Ends on: 31 May 2022

Fundraiser result

Dzień dobry, kochani!

Piszę do was ze szpitala.

Przychodzę z takimi wieściami, że sobie usiądźcie!

Kilka miesięcy temu moja lekarka prowadząca zaczęła rozmowy z firmą produkującą lek, który przyjmuję. Rozmowy tyczyły się programu w ramach rozszerzonego dostępu do leku. Polega to na tym, że w ramach programu pacjenci (wybrani) dostają lek od firmy za darmo.

Rozmowy trochę trwały, ale w końcu firma zgodziła się dać lek 20 osobom w całej Polsce. Oczywiście wymagało to wysłania zgłoszeń z historią pacjenta, które były rozpatrywane przez firmę. Formalności trwały kilka miesięcy, nie było wiadomo czy to wszystko się uda. Ale w końcu wczoraj dostaliśmy zgodę!

Zostałam wpisana do programu!
Dlatego w końcu mogę zamknąć zbiórkę!

Moje leczenie trwa już ponad 9 miesięcy, udało się na nie zebrać łącznie ok. 2 milionów złotych. Leczenie działa i dzięki niemu, dzięki waszemu wsparciu finansowemu żyje i czuje się dobrze!!!

Nie sposób podziękować każdemu z osobna i boję się, że wymieniając niektórych, pominę innych.
Dzięki Wam żyje i dotarłam do tego momentu!

A teraz lecę na 23 wlew leku!

Kocham was, kocham życie!


Fundraiser description

I need this medication as soon as possible, this is my last chance. I have a newborn son and a cancer that wants to take my last breath. I don’t give up, I cannot let that happen! Without your support, I am helpless. My name is Anka and I’ve been struggling with cancer for 7 years. Even though I would never consider myself a sprinter, I have already managed to outrun cancer three times. Unfortunately, it attacked me for the fourth time, at a most vulnerable moment in my life, when I found out I was pregnant. My story is like a film script, too unbelievable to be based on a true story. And yet this is my life. 

In 2014 I was diagnosed with cancer. Chemotherapy, breast-conserving operation, radiation and complementary treatments are just a brief overview of my fight for my life. It was supposed to be fine, the battle was won. Sadly, at the end of the complementary therapy, a recurrence of a tumor infiltrating my pectoral muscles was discovered. The doctors made a decision to reduce it and removed it together with the pectoral muscle. In July 2016 I started another chemotherapy, but after some time it turned out it didn’t work. The tumor grew and an ulceration the size of a tangerine developed on my breast – a living proof of cancer oozing with blood and plasma. I heard that nothing could be done. 

Despite all the prognosis, I launched my own search of a bold oncologist who could help me. In the end, I managed to find a surgeon who performed the operation. I convinced the doctors by saying ‘Do you know why the cancer presented itself and looks so terribly? It is moving out!’ My breast was resected together with the muscle, though my arm was spared despite the tumor infiltrating the brachial plexus. This is how in April 2017 I managed to get rid of the cancer once again. Until… 

Anna Iwaniuk

At that time, I was aware that if the cancer recurred, nothing more could be done. I was scared, but after three years of treatment I had to start my life over again. I had no job, I split up with my boyfriend back then. Over the next 2 years I led a happy life, I managed to find a great job and get myself together after almost 40 chemotherapy sessions – I was finally back on my feet.

In 2019, tests showed that the cancer had metastasized to my lymph nodes and to my lungs. I was able to receive targeted radiation – and it helped! On 30 December 2019 I found out that I was in complete remission. It was my most beautiful New Year's Eve ever. Then I found love and complete happiness. It lasted for almost a year... Until September, when the results of a CT scan showed more tumors in my sternal nodes. The cancer caught up with me yet again. And it was not the final surprise. 

While waiting for a rather invasive biopsy to be scheduled, I found out I was pregnant - despite everything I deemed possible, despite 40 chemotherapy sessions, polycystic ovaries, and taking blood pressure medication, which, after all, also reduces fertility. It was a shock. Ever since I got cancer, when I was 28 years old, I never considered getting pregnant and having children.... 

My first thought was abortion. That would have been a reasonable option, as I was facing another battle against cancer. But when I visited the gynaecologist and heard a heart beating somewhere below my own, I just couldn't do it. I decided to have the baby despite the cancer. And that's how I made the hardest decision in my life. 

Anna Iwaniuk

I received chemotherapy from the start of my second trimester without jeopardizing my pregnancy. Unfortunately, tests showed that the disease was progressing. Because of the treatment I have undergone, I am out of options for other treatments... On May 20, I gave birth to a healthy son at 37 weeks gestation, via cesarean section. His name is Lew (Leo) - because he is the most valiant child I know.

Another battle with cancer started, which already mutated for the third time. And I have exhausted all my systemic treatment options.... In September 2020, a new, cutting-edge drug for triple-negative breast cancer was registered in the United States. It shows incredible efficacy with previously treated metastatic cancers. Unfortunately, it is not yet registered in the European Union, and it is very expensive. A three-month treatment costs about 800 thousand PLN (more than 175.000 EUR or 210.000 USD).

Three months is the time necessary to assess whether the treatment works at all. I'd like to raise the money for six months of treatment - if the drug doesn't work, we will give it to another person who needs it. And if it works, the treatment will have to be continued as soon as possible. This is my only chance  of recovery! 

Anna Iwaniuk

I have been without any treatment since the beginning of May. On May 10 I had an MRI scan, which showed that three tumors are growing in my chest - from 3 to 6.5 cm each. They are close to the heart and important blood vessels. Time is ticking mercilessly, and if the tumors keep growing like this, they will eventually kill me. I really want to be able to be with my son. To teach him optimism, love and respect for people and animals. I want to get as much out of life as possible.... Please, help me.

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