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Help for Ania!

Ania Lewczuk
Fundraiser goal:

Heart surgery

Ania Lewczuk, 7 years old
Gdańsk, pomorskie
Single-chamber heart
Starts on: 21 April 2021
Ends on: 22 June 2021

Fundraiser description

It's been a long time since we were here last time, and we were not expecting to be here again. A little Bunia has grown up into 6 year old Ania. A smiling, sensitive girl and a role model older sister.

At the first glance she looks like a typical preschool girl. Just a little scar visible while wearing a t-shirt and more to be seen while she is changing for her gymnastic classes. Nevertheless, she is the one who notices it most. Although she is aware of her uniqueness, she just simply would like to be like other, healthy children. She wishes to have enough strength for dancing and playing her favourite games that bring her so much joy.

Ania has a single-chamber heart. At the age of 3, when she was under the care of professors Janiszewska and Malec she had 'Fontana' method surgery in German clinic. The surgery was successful and we were so relieved. Saturation reached a previously unattainable level and Ania gained her strength. Her bluish lips turned to her favourite pink colour. Tears of happiness ran down our cheeks when she started riding her bike.

Ania Lewczuk

Now we cry again but there are no tears of happiness any more. Ania has less and less energy for the rides on her bike.  She often plays doctor, and the diagnosis are usually similar to hers. Then she smiles and says that she will help, and the patient will live 100 years. Despite her age, Ania is a very conscious child and we do not hide the truth about her health condition from her.

During a routine check at the Cardiology Clinic for Children and Adults at University Clinical Center in Gdansk we were told that Ania's health conditions worsened. That meant to be a simple routine check. Ania was used to them so much. They did not frighten her and she attended them with a smile on her face. She is familiar with all doctors there as well as the medical examinations such as EKG and echo. Regardless the season we have ice creams afterwards in her favourite ice cream shop. That day was different. The narrowing of the pulmonary artery is severe. Ania may lose consciousness - that is definitely not what we wanted to hear. In March, Ania went to Germany. She doesn't remember much of the surgery that took place there, only riding a bicycle around the cardiology department and building. On the day of the check, we saw anxiety on her face. The result of inspection confirmed the assumptions. Ania requires cardiac catheterization and surgery. Ideally, the operation should take place in about 3 months. After reporting financial readiness, a specific date will be set up. The cost of operation is €39, 700. We do not have that amount of money and time is running out quickly.

Ania Lewczuk

Ania would like to become a dentist. We must make sure that her smile does not fade. We would like her to be whoever she wants to be, but most off all a brave, confident, and kind girl, who  knows that there is nothing impossible and dreams come true if you really want to, even if you sometimes have to fight for them.

Ania should avoid physical exertion as her health condition may deteriorate day by day. Spring and summer are approaching, and her favourite bike will be collecting dust in the basement.  To be able to move again we need the green light - money. We have a mandate of trust and hope that we will succeed again. We are also cheerful, and we believe that the awaiting forecasts will be kind to us again. 

What is most important, we have ourselves, strength in the family and in you. People who supported and support us in all of this. People who were here a few years ago and know us and those who have just learned about our history. Thank you for the kindness we have received so far, and we would like to ask you for help one more time. Every penny counts. Please help us so that Ania’s heart does not stop beating.

Ania's parents

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