For Zuzia - Mega Brave Girl

Anna Poniatowska
organizator skarbonki


I have never asked for money - luckily I did not have situation. Today I ask all of You about it not for myself but for Mega Brave Girl. I do not know her personally - just from the internet. I can not imagine her daily suffering, which runs from the date of her birth - every day, night, morning, evening. However I can imagine what her parents feel - powerless against the everlasting disease for which Zuzia supports endless suffering. This description caused that I decided to act, I hope that it will convince you as well:

She came into the world and already it hurt. Not only hand, not only leg - everything hurt. Like someone constantly poured with boiling water. I remember the grimace a few seconds after birth and the constant crying. Cried when it was measured, cried when it was weighed, cried when it was examined, and when finaly got her wrapped in a diaper and hug. The more I snuggled her, the more she cried. How was I to know that my touch hurts so much ? How was I to know that the I make her new wounds and blisters?

Now there is a light in the tunnel for successful treatment in the US. Qualified medical council pre-qualified Zuzia for treatment and provided an estimate amoun to the nearly $ 1.5 million. Zuzia could begin treatment, if her parents pay a deposit of $ 1 million, the rest of amount during the year. This is the price of Zuzia's health, with this amount we can bribe pain and suffering. If it works, Zuzia will be the first person from Poland to have this treatment.

I dare to ask You for support for her and I throw the first penny. I decided to collect the amount which is not so much impressive - but if we reach it faster I would start new action, with the higher amount. I encourage everyone to make payments and share this information - together we can change her destiny and end her suffering. Thank You very much on behalf of Zuzia and her family.



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