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AOPA for Ukraine

Fundraiser photo
Fundraiser finished

AOPA for Ukraine

Fundraiser goal:

Purchase of life-saving products

Fundraiser organizer: Fundacja Siepomaga
Starts on: 22 March 2022
Ends on: 17 October 2022

Fundraiser description

AOPA Ukraine appeals to pilots, association members, aviation enthusiasts and all others to collect life-saving tactical medicine
products. We all can see what is happening in Ukraine and how bravely their army is defending, putting up stiff resistance to the
overwhelming Russian forces.

However, without regular replenishment of stocks, this condition can collapse.
AOPA Ukraine in consultation with AOPA Poland, agreed that the subject of the collection will be:
- Tourniquets (tourniquets that stop blood flow from the extremities = pictured below)
- CELOX haemostatic dressings (a layered dressing used for rapid haemorrhage control);
- first aid kits with equipment. Their acquisition throughout Europe is already becoming a big problem.

They are sold out in stores on a regular basis, which is of course related to the conflict in the East. In order to maintain full transparency of the process, money will be collected and spent by the Siepomaga Foundation. It is possible to deposit funds in Polish zlotys, Euro and other currencies.

AOPA Ukraine is counting on all of us, hoping that no other country will have to go through such difficult times and fight the invader who is ruining their entire lives. The purchased items will be handed over to Ukrainian defenders through a logistics center in Poland. We will keep you informed about the collected amount as well as the progress in purchasing materials and their transfer to Ukraine.

All iAOPA branches joined the action - collection. Our contact person on the Ukrainian side is the President of AOPA Ukraine, Gennady Khazan (Геннадій Хазан / президент  АОПА Україна)

Information on the transfer of funds from abroad:

Join us! Your donation may save someone's life.

*The campaign is organized by the Siepomaga Foundation, which, as a charity, can quickly support financially the helpful organizations supporting Ukraine.

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