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Human lifes are fragile and short, everyone knows that, unfortunately we tend to forget about it during our everyday routine. We live our life aware of the existance of evil, sickeness, poverty, somewhere in the world, somewhere far away. We live knowing bad things happen to people but believing they don't happen to us... untill they actually do. Suddenly work, school, duties, money, all that stops to matter. Phonecalls, disbelief, anger, pain, despair, doctors, hospitals, finally acceptance... you cannot imagine what sick people and their families, friends go through untill you are one of them. Especially, when you add to the picture a diagnosis: "incurable and deadly". Especially when the diagnosis refers to children.

I have met children and their families facing this reality in the Father E. Dutkiewicz SAC Hospice in Gdansk, Poland, a place which in contrary to the common belief is not “just the one  where incurable people are supposed to die”. Hospice is a place where incredibly good-hearted people are gathered. People who help the pupils live their lives to the fullest. You would be amazed to see the miracles caused only by a genuine good here.

Nevertheless, reaching through the thick wall of bureaucracy and unwillingness to make people support the places “where incurable ones are supposed to die” is frequently almost feasible. More often than not, you can face people being skeptical about donating money to the charitable trusts. They prefer actual persons. They would rather know who gets the money and how this support affects them. That is why I am asking you for your assistance. For the sake of actual people, actual aims with actual results.

In this moment the most vital needs are aspirators for Michał, Filip, Daria, Jessica and little Denis, pulse oximeters  for tiny Oliwia, Dawid, Maks, Paweł, Mateusz and the oxygen concentrator for Konrad. Those devices are indispensable in the
daily life of those children. The cost of all of those things reaches to 43 000 PLN  (11 800 $).

If you’ve managed so far with this reading, I encourage you to learn the stories of every each of the children I’ve told you about.

The second organization I am trying to support by  collecting 60 000
PLN (16 465 $) is the Orphaned Children Fund. The concept of this organization is close to my heart in particular since the aim is to assist the children whose relatives, mostly breadwinners, died in the hospice. Not only does this Fund help kids through simple gestures like purchasing clothes for the indebted families but also through covering financially extracurricular classes and encouraging children to give in to their hobbies and passion. This classes frequently appear to be the best cure for kids so severely
scared by the tough reality.


What is my role in all of this and why is the campaign called „Hitchhiking for the hospice”?
It's all very simple and started with a dream of hitchhiking around the world. Later on, an idea emerged, that it's possible to travel and help others at the same time. How? Pretty easily, if you have a blog. I decided to combine my writing with a simple request at the end of each blog entry or movie. „If you enjoyed this, please send any possible donation for this cause.” That's all. I don't have much and I cannot give much, but this blog is the most valuable thing I possess and I decided, that this year's journey- Hitchhiking from Gdańsk to Antarctica and completing the Way od St. James by foot, from El Camino to Santiago de Compostella- I will dedicate to the hospice.

The main reason of this event is to encourage YOU to help out. Throw a bithday party and donate the presents to make the children's dreams come true. Run a marathon in their intention. Write an article, share this information with your family and friends. Do anything, but don't stay indifferent to this, to the suffering of others. The important part is to help, in any scale, even donating a symbolic amount helps the children fulfill their dreams.


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50 zł


niestety nie odnajde słów które wyraziłyby co chce przekazac
10 zł


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Moim marzeniem jest zobaczenie świata, ale tak wiele osób marzy o tym, co mam ja, a nie zawsze potrafię to docenić, po prostu o zdrowiu. Brawo Przemek.

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