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Let's save Bruno's life!

Bruno Pressler-Wigura

Let's save Bruno's life!

1 451 165,53 zł ( 104.81% )
Wsparło 29090 osób

Car-T Cell

Bruno Pressler-Wigura, 7 years
Olsztyn, warmińsko-mazurskie
acute lymphoblastic leukemia
Starts at: 24 November 2020
Ends at: 17 December 2020


"Dla świata byłeś jednym z wielu. Dla nas byłeś całym światem..."

Z nieopisanym żalem informujemy, że 2 marca 2021 roku, wieku zaledwie 7 lat, Brusio - nasz ukochany i jedyny synek i wnuczek - zasnął snem wiecznym. 


Ból i smutek zawładnęły sercami  bliskich Bruna i wszystkich tych, którzy walczyli o jego życie. To niesprawiedliwe, nie tak miało być... 

Rodzinie chłopca składamy najszczersze wyrazy współczucia. 


Bruno is only 7 years old and his life already has come close to death too many times! Bruno is fighting cancer, for the 3rd time! Nothing has helped so far and there’s only one last chance - Car-T Cell Therapy in the USA. This expensive treatment is not sponsored by the Polish health system. 

The price for my little boy’s life is astronomical and we are running out of time. We still have hope that we can make it. And that’s why we’re asking for your help. All Bruno wants is to be a regular child - go back to his robots, be able to take walks in the forest again and collect treasures. He wants to go to a real school and have a chance to grow up…. Please help me fight for my child’s life!

Bruno Pressler-Wigura

This nightmare began in May 2018. Bruno suddenly became weirdly lethargic - not like him at all. He was not leaving my side, wanted to cuddle all the time. Soon he lost his appetite and his face became pale. I didn’t waste a minute and took Bruno to see a doctor. We were sent for a blood test and after the first results, the biggest fear came over me - the results suggested cancer!

We were referred to a hospital in Olsztyn, where Bruno had many painful tests done to confirm the diagnosis. His bone marrow was collected for examination, as well as his cerebro-spinal fluid and blood. 

The devastating news came two days later - acute lymphoblastic leukemia. The world has stopped. Next to us life went on as normal, but not for us. In one second, happiness became a thing of the past. The era of fear has begun and it lasts until this day...

Bruno Pressler-Wigura

Bruno went through chemotherapy which didn’t help. Then another chemo - stronger this time, even more aggressive. It was a nightmare. Countless side effects. Bruno was petrified and he cried a lot. I couldn’t stand the fact that he was suffering so much and to watch him fade in front of my eyes...

In January 2019 the intensive chemo ended and we started the supporting treatment. It was a period full of worry and uncertainty, but we didn’t give up hope. The appetite came back and so did the willingness to play. The cancer was dormant. It gave us 9 months...

Then it hit twice as hard. In November Bruno started having pain in his spine. The examination showed compression fracture. Bruno got a corset and painkillers. He had his blood test done, just in case. But nobody expected this result - the cancer was back. Stronger this time… The world hasn’t stopped this time. It was crushed into a million pieces. 

Bruno Pressler-Wigura

Another intensive chemo in Olsztyn hospital didn’t bring expected results, so the doctors decided to start therapy with a drug that usually helps. But it didn’t help Bruno. All for nothing. In July 2020 we joined Przyladek Nadziei Foundation. Here we had radiotherapy, conditioning chemo and bone marrow transplant. We regained our hope. 

Six weeks after the transplant, we could finally go home. We were supposed to have just check-up appointments from now on. But now the cancer gave us even less time...

Three weeks after leaving the hospital, the fever and headaches were back. The appetite was gone. Bruno was back at the hospital and the tests confirmed the second return of leukemia. He had 80% of blasts in the marrow this time. Chemotherapy, drugs, radiotherapy and bone marrow transplant didn’t help my son beat leukemia. There is one last hope left...

Bruno Pressler-Wigura

CAR T therapy is a complex immunotherapy that is personally developed for each individual patient. It involves harvesting T cells – the immune cells that recognise and kill viruses – from the patient, reprogramming them to recognise cancer cells, and infusing them back into the patient so they attack the cancer.

Cells have to be sent to the laboratory in the USA who own the patent and technology to reprogram them. The cost of this is nearly 1.4 MLN Polish Zloty. Our family can’t afford this amount.

The money needs to be paid in advance. We have very little time left. Therefore, I’d like to ask everyone to join us in this fight for my son’s life. This fundraising is extremely urgent and it is our one and only hope. 

I’m asking from the bottom of my heart for your help. If we lose that chance, there won’t be a next one. There’ll be no going back to the beloved robots, computer programming, Mario tactics and putting forest-found treasures under a microscope. There’ll be no making new friends, no school. Apart from the mother’s shuttered heart, there’ll be nothing left at all. 

Magda, Bruno’s mum.

1 451 165,53 zł ( 104.81% )
Wsparło 29090 osób

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