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Fight for a healthy leg - Bruno got a chance, let's not waste it!

Bruno Cichocki
Campaign finished
84 682,00 zł ( 101.83% )
Donated by 1414 people
Campaign goal:

surgical elongation of the tibia in Schön Klinik Vogtareuth

Campaign organiser: Fundacja Siepomaga
Bruno Cichocki, 8 years
Olsztyn, warmińsko-mazurskie
congenital malformation of the left tibia, uneven length of the lower limbs
Starts at: 22 January 2018
Ends at: 12 March 2018

Campaign description

“The most important thing is to be healthy” -  the dream of future parents

Bruno was born with a congenital defect within his left tibia, which was diagnosed as Infantile Myofibromatosis. As it turned out, this defect was considered very rare, although the doctors were giving us hope, that our son would be able to walk. We thought that the best care would be provided in Poland, however many times we hit an unbreakable brick wall…

Bruno Cichocki

Despite all oppositions, we didn’t stop fighting for our son. Unfortunately, when Bruno reached 2.5 years old, his leg broke…He did not fall, he did not hit anything – his bone broke from exhaustion. It’s been two years and his bone has still not healed till this day.

From an early age Bruno has been wearing braces, after many unsuccessful attempts within Poland we decided to import new braces from Germany – since the quality and fit of the brace is incomparably better! Old braces caused sores, swelling and abrasions to Bruno’s leg. The old braces were causing him pain and the price of the old braces were too expensive for us… So, we buy these braces from abroad, so that Bruno is able to walk again! However, not even these braces were able to prevent his leg from breaking. His legs condition worsens at an alarming rate – in September his leg was bent at an angle of 50 degrees, nowadays it’s bent at 70 degrees! I know that if we do nothing, the consequences can be very sad …

Bruno Cichocki

We will do everything and anything to protect our son from pain, to give him a chance of a healthy lifestyle and avoid amputation… We know that Bruno’s leg can be healed, the rescue awaits at Schoen Clinic! Last year, we had a consolation with Dr. Seana Nadera – the head of the children’s orthopedics clinic of the local hospital. The Doctor told us that the clinic has operated on similar cases with great success! Within Schoen Clinic, the best specialists in the world work there and they have a clear defined treatment plan and a huge confidence of success – that’s what we needed!

Every parent wants the best care for their child, to save them from suffering, to take care of them and to give them a better future… Today the biggest opportunity for Bruno is the series of operations provided at The Schoen Clinic. Unfortunately, NFZ (Foundation of health) will not undertake the funding…

Bruno Cichocki

The costs of the braces and rehabilitation require enormous resources, we are not able to postpone this necessary surgery, that’s why we decided to ask for help. So that Bruno would have the best chance of recovery, we hope we are able to carry out all three surgeries by the end of this year… Thanks to lengthening and straightening the feet of our son, he will be completely functional. However, we still need to raise money to cover the very large costs… Please help our son, so that we can take advantage of the chance given to us by fate. So that Bruno is able to live without pain…

84 682,00 zł ( 101.83% )
Donated by 1414 people
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