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We are fighting for our mother's life and we ask for help!

Danuta Olszewska
Fundraiser organizer: Fundacja Siepomaga
Danuta Olszewska
Mrocza, kujawsko-pomorskie
Stomach cancer
Starts on: 13 November 2020
Ends on: 08 January 2021

Fundraiser result

Wczoraj otrzymaliśmy najtragiczniejsze informacje od Rodziny Pani Danuty. 6 stycznia Pani Danuta odeszła od nas.

"Z przykrością i wielkim smutkiem w sercu żegnamy dzisiaj naszą ukochaną Mamę Danusię. Niestety się nie udało... Próbowaliśmy z całych sił i bardzo chcieliśmy, by mama była z nami trochę dłużej, tak samo bardzo, jak mama pragnęła żyć. (...)

Jestem niesamowicie dumny z Mamy, która mimo bardzo złych rokowań walczyła dzielnie, by żyć, by być jeszcze przez chwilę z tymi, których kocha. Jestem dumny, że mieliśmy możliwość z Adą i tatą żyć u Jej boku, cieszyć się w chwilach radości i wspólnie smucić w tych gorszych momentach. Już teraz strasznie tęsknimy, ale nie mamy wyboru i musimy to zaakceptować.

Tak na sam koniec mam małą prośbę do każdego z Was. Myślę, że mama by się z nią w 100% zgodziła. Jeśli macie jeszcze rodziców, zadzwońcie lub pójdźcie do nich i powiedzcie, że ich kochacie. Nigdy nie wiadomo ile razy będzie jeszcze ku temu okazja".

-Paweł, syn

Rodzinie i bliskim Pani Danuty składamy szczere kondolencje. 

Fundraiser description

It’s difficult to see your own mum suffering, being completely helpless. Despite the treatments the cancer is progressing, the doctors are struggling and don’t know what to do next. We don’t have time to wait and blindly try other methods which do not give results. Changes are being made, new things appear, treatment is accompanied by enormous pain, which has become our everyday life, as it causes us all to suffer, the whole family...

The last chance is non-refundable treatment – a massive attack on cancer cells, which is supposed to give my mother a chance to continue her life. Unfortunately, the costs are enormous, so on behalf of my whole family I am asking you for help – to save my mum...

Danuta Olszewska

Paweł, Danuta’s son: When we found out about the diagnosis – a disseminated malignant tumour of the stomach with metastasis to the cervix and peritoneum – my mother broke down. Nothing indicated that she was so seriously ill. At the following appointments every word spoken by the doctor hurt even more. We supported our mother with all the strength we had – me, my sister, my dad, the whole family... we had to gather all our strength and start the fight in the oncology department...

Danuta: Many months of chemotherapy have shown how strong the opponent I have to fight is. It turns out that the cancer does not respond to the administered medication, and with each passing day it takes control of my body even more. The Oncology Center are suggesting another dose of the previously failed chemo, without giving any hope for a better tomorrow. Fear – this is my everyday life. Every day I wake up and wonder what will happen to me, will I get to see my beloved family again – my kids, husband, and mum. My mum suffers from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Before I got sick, I took care of her every day... I have the strength to fight, I am still breathing, I am still here and have hope for a normal life!

Danuta’s son: Recently there was a shadow of hope – faith returned that this isn’t the end of our battle! Mum qualified for an extremely aggressive and exhausting therapy in a private clinic in Opole, which has historically been successful in the treatment of advanced gastric cancer. A massive attack on cancer cells is used here – the most modern non-reimbursed drugs, hyperthermia, traditional and intraperitoneal chemistry, administered practically simultaneously. Unfortunately, it requires a huge amount of funding, which we are unable to get ourselves.

Danuta Olszewska

Danuta: Please don’t let my hope be taken from me again. It is the only thing I have left, which gives me strength despite the pain and fear. For myself and my family...

I have very little time to raise a lot of money. Otherwise my life will come to an end. I am fighting huge fear and a deadly opponent... I would love to someday see my grandchildren, see how my children chose to live their life, take care of my beloved plants in my garden, but cancer is trying hard to take that away from me. 53 years is definitely too young to say goodbye...

With hope,


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