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Help Darek rebuild his life after severe stroke

Dariusz Durczak

Help Darek rebuild his life after severe stroke

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to 75365
Text 0163709
6,15 zł PLN (including VAT)
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Campaign goal:


Campaign organiser: Fundacja Siepomaga
Dariusz Durczak, 58 years old
Ustka, pomorskie
Ischemic stroke
Starts on: 01 December 2021
Ends at: 01 July 2022

Campaign description

My name is Paula and I feel a little bit ashamed while opening this fundraiser. I used to be on the other side, supporting the ones in need and I have never thought that one day I would have to ask for help.

We thought the worst was over, until last Saturday, 20th of November 2021 when my stepfather had another, this time more severe stroke. There is a long way ahead of us for at least partial recovery… Unfortunately very costly….

Let’s start from the beginning.

It was 1st of November 2016 - All Saints' Day, polish, annual national holiday - my mother and stepfather just got back from the commentary. Stepfather was very tired and had leg pain. 

When he started to have trouble with speaking, my mother immediately reacted and realized that it was life threatening situation. She was not wrong - right sided ischemic stroke… Stepdad was transferred to the ICU, a procedure of thrombolysis was performed and his life was saved. After long (5 years) and difficult neurorehabilitation he regained independence and improved his quality of life with cataract surgery.

Everything seemed to be going well… But 20th of November has come and turned everything upside down.   

In the morning, my stepdad and 14 years old brother went for COVID vaccination. He was really happy that doctors finally did not have anything against vaccination and he was able to get it before hip surgery. When they came back home, after one hour, he fell on the kitchen floor. Since only the 2 of them were at home that time, my brother, while waiting for an ambulance, provided first aid. Help came really fast. The initial diagnosis of a severe left sided stroke was confirmed by all the tests at hospital. This time, thrombolysis could not be performed due to high blood pressure.

My stepdad has lower body paralysis, inability to move right hand, aphasia, is unable to speak and understand speech. His condition is very serious…

Darek is still young, 58 years old! For over 10 years, he worked in the ER as a paramedic, helping people on a daily basis. Now, Darek and his family ask for your support.  

We deeply believe in the positive outcome of rehabilitation - one day my stepdad will be able to walk and speak again.

After extensive research of post stroke treatments and centers in Poland, we found out that the only way for Darek to partially recover is intense rehabilitation that will take approximately 16 weeks. The cost of 4 weeks treatment is very cost– around 25 000 PLN. Additionally, our house would need to be adapted to people with disabilities. 

Because of the above, we are asking for your support. Please share the post, keep your fingers crossed for effective treatment and if possible participate in a fundraiser. Any type of support is appreciated and will allow us to keep on fighting for Darek’s health.

Thank you very much,


Donate via text

to 75365
Text 0163709
6,15 zł PLN (including VAT)
Donate via text now

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