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Let's save Marcin's life.

Marcin Krajewski
Fundraiser goal:

treatment at the center of oncology in Cologne, Germany

The fundraiser includes alternative therapy
Fundraiser organizer: Fundacja Siepomaga
Marcin Krajewski
Kraków, małopolskie
glioblastoma (GMB) – IV (the highest) grade malignant glioma
Starts on: 30 January 2019
Ends on: 17 April 2019

Fundraiser description

I will never forget the text message I received from my mum… She never sends messages… She hardly knows how mobile phones work…

It was short: “Do not call your sister. Marcin is dying”. She did not answer my phone afterwards… Nobody did… It was only a couple of days later when I received another text from her: “Brain cancer.” The worst few days of my life. I am sure many people can relate. It is beyond me how my beautiful sister coped…

Marcin Krajewski

After the shock, the anger came… My brother-in-law, the most patient and loving father, fantastic husband, the smartest man I have ever known… an incredibly successful software engineer has been suffering from brain cancer! Why him? Why? Why? Why? Then came tears…

On the 14th of May 2010 Marcin went to work as normal… Completely unware of what was coming.

Marcin Krajewski

Everything changed at 11 o’clock. The ambulance took Marcin to the hospital. On his way he lost his ability to think logically. When he got there he had a serious seizure. Later on, after persistent questioning about Marcin’s condition, my sister finally received apathetic feedback - 10 centimetres Glioma. Serious brain cancer…

Since then without the slightest word of complaint, Marcin has been fighting with cancer. He has had two debulking surgeries and been treated with radiotherapy. Doctors gave him 3 to 5 years to live.

Marcin Krajewski

After 6 years, in 2016, their third baby was born but the idyll lasted only 5 months... "Freddy" came back - a few small tumours showed up in resonance. After receiving multiple second opinions the conclusion was reached. Nobody supported further debulking. 

They did not give up however. They trusted in some unconventional "treatment" and after 3 months it turned out that some of the tumours disappeared and the rest stopped growing. To the astonished doctor's question whether my brother-in-law was currently undergoing any therapy, Marcin replied cheerfully "Yes, one, I was at Holy Mass with prayers for healing in our Church Community". 

Marcin Krajewski

After a further two and a half peaceful years, just before Christmas 2018, the cancer came back. The tumours are up to 5 centimetres in size now. What is worse is that these are inoperable. On the youngest son's 3rd birthday, Marcin’s oncologist explained that at this stage of brain cancer he could only offer chemotherapy to Marcin. It may extend his life but it is only considered as a palliative care rather than treatment. He started chemo... the side effects are horrifying.

During all this time Marcin has not stopped working nor taken advantage of available benefits. He is desperate to stay alive and like any father, he wants to see his kids grow up… He wants to see who they will become and to be there to give them love and support. 

Marcin Krajewski

The illness has not changed Marcin’s serene attitude towards other people. Dad of three kids, loving husband and gifted guitar player in the church choir who always offers his helping hand to everybody… now needs your help.

We have not given up. We have used the sleepless nights to search for alternatives. We believed that something more can be done. And we succeeded in finding more hope! Marcin has been qualified for Immunotherapy in Germany, which unfortunately is not available in Poland or the UK. We have had to look to the self-funding options. The sum we need to raise, in the region of 68,000 GBP, is staggering.

Marcin’s situation is about as urgent as it could be. The cancer is in the most advanced stage. He must undergo treatment as soon as possible! We cannot afford it, but we have faith that there are good souls out there that will help. If you can help him at all, please help him today because this disease is not slowing down for anyone. Please spread the word.

Just as a single vote can help in winning the poll, each, single 1 GBP, multiplied by 68,000 people is a meaningful step forward for Marcin.

68,000 times thank you for 1 GBP,

6,800 times for 10 GBP,

680 times for 100 GBP

...only with your help can we make it happen! God bless you!

This fundraiser is finished. You can support other People in need.

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