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Do not let our son die in our arms

Oluś Żak
Zbiórka zakończona
105 905,00 zł ( 108.77% )
Wsparło 2517 osób

Childbirth and heart surgery in Munster

Oluś Żak, 3 years
Brzeg, opolskie
Wrodzona wada serca: dwunapływowa lewa komora (DILV)
Starts at: 08 November 2017
Ends at: 28 November 2017


So that Oluś doesn’t die in our arms on the day of his birth

The moment our son Olek is born a true battle for his life will begin!

People say that no mother should ever have to fear the day her child is to be born.. but I am paralysed. I am overwhelmed by fear as I know that the day my son is born might well be his very last one. We have already lost one of our babies and the mere thought of losing Olek fills us with despair. The problem is that our unborn baby boy’s heart is really weak and without an operation he does not stand a chance of surviving.

Please take time to read our tragic story.

Friday, June 23rd – Father’s Day in Poland. I remember that day as vividly as if it was yesterday. We received the most precious of gifts – two lines on a pregnancy test. I was truly delighted to break the news to my husband – we are going to be parents again! Having already gone through the tragedy of losing a child, we welcomed the prospect of a new baby with great joy. The euphoria, however, was very short-lived.  

Little did we know about the upcoming distress when the 12 week scan revealed that our baby was a strong and healthy boy. A strong and healthy baby was all I wished for. I still remember how excited we were to finally be able to share the news with our family and friends and, most importantly, with our dearest daughter Oliwia. From the very beginning we knew her little brother would be named after my grandfather – Olek, which is short for Aleksander.

As days went by I observed my growing belly with delight but it wasn’t until the 16th week that I felt Olek moving for the first time. It was such an amazing feeling, a feeling that reassured me that everything was alright. Only now do I realise how mistaken I was back then. My baby boy was already very ill...the fact which we discovered a few weeks later.

On the day of the anomaly scan everything seemed normal at first. As the doctor was moving the ultrasound we could hear a strong heart beat. Such a relief! The next moment we saw little arms and a pair of chubby legs – I even laughed and joked that they were just like mine. It was such a beautiful sight. And then we noticed a sudden grimace on the doctor’s face...something was wrong. The situation was made forever worse as the doctor announced we would have to repeat the examination the following day in a clinic which specialised in prenatal care. I was so nervous I didn’t sleep a wink that night...I was praying for my little Olek.

The next day, in the clinic, our worst nightmare was confirmed – the diagnosis: a very serious heart defect – double inlet left ventricle (DILV), single ventricle. We were utterly devastated. Our son’s heart is not complete and as long as he is in my belly he is safe... but the moment he leaves my body he might die in our arms.

The doctors informed us that such heart defects were often accompanied by other genetic disorders, for example Down syndrome, and as a result were a legal basis for abortion. But we didn’t even want to hear of it! We had been waiting for this baby for so long and even though the reality was hard to bear we were not prepared to give up!

When we got back home that day I got in touch with a friend of mine who unfortunately had gone through the same ordeal a few weeks earlier. It was her who told me about professor Edward Malec and helped me to contact the clinic in Münster – our only hope in the fight for our baby’s life.

Once we consulted profesor Malec there was finally a glimmer of hope – he will operate on our Olek’s heart! And the amniocentesis results came out good as well!

How many operations will Olek have to undergo? At least two or three...and the problem is that all of them are unbelievably expensive.

The price of my son’s life is nearly 100 thousand zlotys! Thus, we have no other alternative but to ask you to contribute and help us collect such a staggering amount of money. What makes the situation even more difficult is that there is really little time left as our first visit in the clinic in Germany is on the 14th of February. Only then will we find out what is in store for our little Olek.

That’s why today I am praying to God not only for a miracle which will save my son’s life but also for good people who can help us make this miracle possible! Please help us in the fight for our baby’s life!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our story. We are truly grateful for your help and spreading the word!

Cordially yours,

Olek’s parents

105 905,00 zł ( 108.77% )
Wsparło 2517 osób
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