Fear and cancer in Tymek's eyes... only until 19th of March we have time to save him!

Goal: cancer treatment in Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (USA))
Tymoteusz Szczykowski
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Tymoteusz, 2 years

Retinoblastoma - eye cancer in stage IV

Wrocław, dolnośląskie

Started: 02 March 2018
Ends: 19 March 2018

My life has turned into every single parent's worst nightmare. My child has cancer. Tymek is two years old and has retinoblastoma. Few weeks ago I still believed my son would have a long and happy life waiting for him. Today I'm dismayed that my son will not make it... I'm begging you to help my son. We have only a dozen days to save not only his eye, but his health and life as well! Otherwise there will be only darkness - the eye amputation surgery was scheduled on 19th March...

Since December Tymek is a child from oncology departament. He's on chemo, he has lost all his hair. My fair-haired, happy son was gone. It all started with a tiny white spot in his eye, visible only from certain angle. Polish Public Health Service wasn't helpful, our appointment eye specialist was scheduled on August, 2018. I felt something that I would call maternal instinct. It was December 11th when I took Tymek to the doctor. Back then I only hoped for my son not to have cataract... When we were waiting in queue, I suddenly felt this situation was much, much worse than I expected. Like it would change our entire life forever. I wish I was wrong.

In one moment there's taking care of home, work - just normal life. In another - diagnosis. Retinoblastoma. Cancer that attacks only little children - almost as it knew their weaknesses! When you have to accept such diagnosis, you realise how much you love your child. How fragile it is. How vulnerable... Then you understand that your child is going to die. And if it dies, your life is going to end.

We packed our things as fast as it was possible nad drove to Warsaw.  By the evening we arrived at Children's Health Center (Centrum Zdrowia Dziecka). The doctors told us that cancer was already in stage four. The worst one... They said they probably would have to remove the eye. That cancer was probably spreading to other organs... I spent some time on research. I read many stories of other little patients who are no longer with us. The treatment was late or wasn't even started. I can't even imagine the pain, the grief of the parents who lost their children because of this illness...

Soon before Christmas we left the hospital after the first round of chemo. It's impossible to celebrate in place where death is staring at you from every corner. I hoped Tymek would get a direct, intravenous chemo....But it turned out that the tumor was "leaving", there already was infiltration... Tymek began chemo for whole his system. I'm crying when I think about my son during the therapy, but I can't cry when I'm with him. He suffered so much in his short life  he shouldn't see my tears.

Tymek is after four rounds of chemo, there are two left... However the cancer cells are spreading to vitreous body and chemo won't cure it. Polish doctors are helpless, they only talk about amputation. It's planned on 19th of March! However it will make my son become an invalid, it also can endanger his life. The child will be in need of prosthesis, because his skull will be growing, the empty eyehole also will be getting bigger and bigger and this may cause brain deformity... What is the most important: the amputation won't guarantee my son's health's improvement. It won't cure cancer. The cancer cells can still spread. They can attack the healthy eye. If it happens, Tymek will become blind. He won't see even me, his mom... If the cells spread somewhere else, we will have to fight for his life, but we don't have any chances to win. I don't want to think about it.

Retinoblastoma is extremely rate type of eye cancer and Tymek case is even more serious due to muscle infiltration. All medical documents were sent to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in USA, medical facility, famous because of successful treatments of such illnesses. Abramson, MD, world famous eye specialist, who has been treating patients with retinoblastoma for many years, accepted Tymek as his patient and told us to come to the USA as soon as possible. He told be we could treat Tymek. My son can be healty, we can save his eyes! Kids who had retinoblastoma in both their eyes, who were sentenced to amputation of both eyes and blindness and who were treated there, now can see and they're fine!

We need to collect money before 19th of March, before the amputation. The cancer's getting stronger and we don't have time. And that's why I'm begging you for help, because I'm desparate. I never thought I would find myself in such situation. Please, help Tymek. That's the last thing I can do... Tymek loves an old children poem about Mr Hillary who is looking for his glasses only to find them on his nose. He's waiting in anticipation for the moment when it happens and Mr Hillary yells "there, I found them!" I want only thing - I want my son to life and tell me once "Mom, I can see you!"

Verified Charity collection verified by the Siepomaga Foundation
Supported by 19 153 people
618 481 zł (101,78%)

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