Fundraising for little Dominik

organizator skarbonki
Hi everyone! I have decided to help this little soldier. He is desperately asking you amazing people for help. Here is his story, told by his parents, Dagmara and Marcin Hajduk... "Our son Dominik Hajduk was born on the 8th of June 2013. The pregnancy ran smoothly, there were no signs of any illnesses. During the first few days after he was born, again, everything seemed fine. However, on the 26th of June 2013 in the specialist hospital in Wroclaw, the doctors announced to us that Dominik had hypoplasia of the left ventricle , mitral atresia , atrial septal defect , ventricular septal defect and transposition of great arteries which meant that he was living with half a heart. The news broke our hearts. As you can imagine, we were truly devastated. During his time in the hospital in Wroclaw, Dominik went through one operation and two treatments. For further treatments, he was transferred to the "Polish Mother's Institute of Health in Lodz"  (Instytutu Centrum Zdrowia Matki Polki w Łodzi). Whilst there, Dominik underwent an atrioseptonomy through the Rashkinda method and bidirectional Glenn anastomosis, atrial septum resection and the tightening of the band in the truncus arteriosu. There were some complications in the last surgery which resulted in a mild stroke in the frontal lobe. Despite having such a severe disease and considering what he went through so much, our son is very cheerful and is always smiling. We would like to thank you in our's and our son's name for your help in curing his little heart". During his last visit to the hospital at the beginning of April, his parents were told the news that they couldn't find a date for an operation, even for catheterisation of his heart. The operation should be completed before the child reaches his 3rd birthday, in order to avoid dangerous complications. After consulting his medical results with professor Malec, they received a date for the operation - 17th of September. After receiving the date, they also received an invoice with the cost of the operation, which isn't small. They are not able to gather such a large about of money themselves. So they need your help. This is the only way they can get their little boy to be just as healthy as his peers. The reason that they are having to pay is because this is not funded by the government. Every penny counts and brings us closer to reaching our goal! My initial goal is a sum of 5000zl which is just under 1000 pounds but it doesn't stop there.


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