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‘What it’s like to live without pain?’ – don’t let Dominik’s suffering go to waste.

Dominik Wojewódka
Fundraiser finished
Fundraiser goal:

Fund-raising for lenghtening shinbone and thighbone surgery for Dominik using MRS device.

Entity submitting the fundraiser: Fundacja Słoneczko
Dominik Wojewódka, 15 years old
Piła, wielkopolskie
Skrócenie prawej kończyny, Mózgowe Porażenie Dziecięce
Starts on: 04 July 2017
Ends on: 22 March 2018

Fundraiser description

Wounds on his legs, a lot of pain and the same reoccuring question: ‘Mum, will I ever be healthy?’ Dominik is 9. He was born without fibula ( calf bone) and anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). His right leg is 11 cm shorter than the left one. All the operations he’s already had caused a lot of suffering, but none of them made him able to walk on his own.

Dominik Wojewódka

Twins – two tiny hearts under my heart. The ultimate happiness, fulfillment of my dreams. I was to give birth to two healthy boys. The day of their birth was to be the start of our new life together, but it turned into a tragedy. I cried out of happiness when Dominik and Wiktor were born. When the doctor said there was something wrong with Dominik’s leg I started crying of fear. His foot was twisted and his right leg was a few centimeter shorter than the other. My first thought was his future. I knew I had to do everything not to let Dominik feel worse then his twin brother.

The first operation took place when Dominik was 8 months old. Doctors adjusted his foot. However, the older he was getting, the gap between right and left leg was getting bigger, as if his right leg didn’t grow quick enough.

Today Dominik is unable to walk on his own. He has to take crutches and a heavy orthopaedic shoe with a few centimeter sole everywhere he goes.

Dominik Wojewódka

It was much easier when boys were little. They didn’t understand they were different. When they turned one Wiktor started taking his first steps. And Dominik? He used to look at his brother puzzled and he tripped over every time he tried to follow him.

After a couple of years he started asking why his brother could walk and he couldn’t, why he needed to go to hospital so often and his brother didn’t have to. It was very difficult to explain it to a child. I kept telling him it was to make him able to walk  like his brother Wiktor one day.

Dominik turns 10 soon and there is still many questions to be answered. He’s been waiting for the moment when he walks on his own since he understood  his condition . He is watching his brother and he believes one day he will be healthy and he won’t have to wear orthopaedic shoe and use crutches.

At this point we’ve had anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)  reconstruction surgery and we’re waiting for the next step to lenghten a shinbone and a thighbone with MRS device in Poznan. Now we’re half way through the battle for his health and we can’t give up. MRS device helps bones to grow. It is attached by two fixation devices and implants put into the bone.

Dominik Wojewódka

The cost of the device and surgery outgoes my financial capacity. Most of our home budget gets spent on current treatments and orthopaedic equipment. I’ve never asked for help before, but now I have no choice. I can’t tell my child I can’t afford his health.

When twins stand to each other  they differ only in one aspect – Dominik’s shorter leg. I can’t accept the fact that my children didn’t get equal chance from life. It’s heartbreaking to see Dominik cry when he’s unable to do what his brother does, when he’s sad watching his brother walking or running.

Please help me. Only with your help I can make Dominik join his brother one day and he won’t have to watch him with sorrow. Please help me gift the future without pain and limits to my child.

Malgorzata, Dominik’s mum

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