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             Dominika is only 13 years old but instead of playing and laughing like other children her age, she has difficulties with the easiest every-day routines such as getting dressed , brushing her hair, or washing herself. 
            Her short life took a dramatic turn 2 years ago. She was diagnosed with Muscular dystophy which is progressive skeletal muscle weakness.The illness is developing constantly and rapidly.
Now Dominika can't walk anymore and her arms are getting weaker every day . Soon her heart will be attacked by the disease as well. 
           The illness took a lot out of Dominika but she still has like every other child many dreams and wishes. Her biggest dream is to visit Walt Disney World in Florida. By doing so she could at least for a while laugh , have fun and forget about deadly disease. 
         The trip is planned for the first half of June '11 . The total cost for Dominika and her guardains is $ 5.000 . Throught this website we would like to collect 1/5 of the total amount which is $ 1.000  

 Witajcie, za kilka tygodni obchodzę swoje 26 urodziny. Z tej właśnie okazji organizuję zbiórkę charytatywną dla Dominiki. Ośmielam się Was prosić o jej wsparcie i sam wrzucam pierwszy grosz. Pamiętajcie o czekającej nas imprezie i nie szukajcie już proszę upominków dla mnie. Wsparcie Dominiki będzie dla mnie najlepszym prezentem. Pozdrowienia

Hi ! As you already know im having my b-day party in couple of weeks. I ask you not to bring any gifts for me but money ( every even the smallest amount counts )  that i would like to collect for this little very sick girl named Dominika.Helping her will be the best gift i have ever gotten. Thank you in advance . See you at the party !

Dominika is the girl in the picture below .


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