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Each year, the Little Eyes Foundation is trying to take children beyond the boundaries of the region, in order to give them a chance to rest, recuperate, and support of their normal development of social, cultural and emotional. This year, we want to combine business with pleasure trip and organize a camp for children with therapeutic drug addicts and violent families.
Our plan is to equip their "tourist backpacks," in a moment carefree, positive experience, beautiful views, points of interest, self-confidence and good people.
We want to take them for 2 weeks at the top of the colonies, showing the world from a different perspective and to provide them with enough positive experiences that began to believe in themselves and that they can live better.
During the trip they provide therapeutic support, we will prevent addiction and aggressive behavior, reinforce proper habits and attitudes towards themselves and others.
During the year, we try to give 100% support in Our common room, in the form of classes, homework support and portraying another, full of respect for life. Common is a place of learning and fun, but also a safe place where Our patients, can share with us your difficulties and problems.
Every day have hard. Same kind of life did not choose, do it for them adults. Every day we are struggling with problems that are not always applicable to them, and often their parents. Every day we come to the common room, so that at least for a moment forget about the situation they are in the house; come the smile, the joy, the interest of the person to help you cope with unpleasant emotions often or just so it does not sit at home, eat a snack, to instruct in peace for a moment to rest.
Often sad this life is Small and Medium man, we can change it by proving that they are valuable, important, wise and good kids, you might want to try and compensate for them as we can that they are with us, that we seek, not for us and for himself.

DO YOU road Darczyńco want to help these children?
If you want, you can simply Support our goal! :)
Provide a link for us to others in this way can help! :)

Thank you!

To take a group of 50 children and change their perspective of thinking about the future, we need to gather 45000zł amount to stay and tours at a cost per participant 2 week of the stay is 900 zł, while all of the therapeutic and service we provide colony - Small Eyes Foundation Team
We will be very grateful for any help given to us :)



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