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Help for Jaś!

Jan Jabłoński
Fundraiser finished
Fundraiser goal:

Zakup ortez AFO i gorsetu silikonowego

Fundraiser started by: Fundacja Spina
Jan Jabłoński, 5 years old
Bytom, śląskie
Spina bifida
Starts on: 26 May 2020
Ends on: 25 August 2020

Fundraiser description

Jaś has celebrated his second birthday recently. When he was blowing out the candles on his cake, I thought one wish for him- to start walking.

Jan Jabłoński

My son was born with spina bifida. I did not even have the opportunity to take a good look at him or hug him. What does the spina bifida mean? To put it most vividly, it is such an open wound along the spine. Jaś was immediately taken to the neonatology ward. We did not know how much he weighed or what time exactly he was born. An ambulance was called and it transported him to the Upper Silesian Children's Health Center in Katowice. After a few hours he was operated. My little child who had just come into the world was lying on the operating table, away from me. I was so terrified that I left the hospital at my own request, to be with Jasio as soon as possible.

Jaś had to lie on his tummy until the site was healed. We could not take him for about two weeks. He slept all the time. Then it was just explained to us exactly what this spina bifida is all about.

Our son has paresis of the legs, a neurogenic bladder, which means that he must be catheterized every 3 hours. Since birth, he has been very limp which results  in a neurogenic curvature of the spine. In the future, serious surgery of the spine awaits Jaś. Some children still have hydrocephalus. It missed our son, but every medical examination is huge stress if everything is still fine.

Jan Jabłoński

Since Jaś was a month old he has been rehabilitated very intensively by several physiotherapists and at home. He is currently 2 years old. Thanks to hard work, he sits and efficiently crawls. There is a chance that after giving stem cells Jan will have a better feeling in the legs and improve the functioning of his bladder. It is a chance for him that soon he will be able to start walking!

I would never have thought that I’d be at the point where I had to ask for help. Jaś has already achieved a lot, mainly thanks to intensive rehabilitation. Now we want to try experimental stem cell therapy. We want to give him a chance, that's why we're asking you for help. Together we can do more!

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