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Jonathan is our sunshine that lights up the dark clouds every day and we try to be strong for him. Please help us fight for his mobility!

Jonathan Lach
Campaign finished
23 424,00 zł ( 71.37% )
Donated by 534 people
Campaign goal:

Multi-specialist physiotherapy and rehabilitation

Campaign organiser: Fundacja Serca dla Maluszka
Jonathan Lach, 3 years
Goleszów, śląskie
dziecięce porażenie mózgowe, hemiplegia prawostronna, porażenie prawostronne
Starts at: 17 March 2021
Ends at: 08 July 2021

Campaign result


Dziękujemy za dotychczasowe wsparcie dla naszego synka! Dzięki Wam Jonathan może regularnie odbywać rehabilitację i walczyć o kolejne postępy. Przed nami następne wyzwanie, a jednocześnie ogromna szansa na dalszą walkę o sprawność synka. Jonathan został zakwalifikowany do operacji w St. Louis Children's Hospital w USA. To dla nas wspaniała wiadomość, ponieważ zabieg SDR daje nadzieję na zredukowanie bolesnych przykurczy u synka, a to właśnie one są obecnie największym problemem na drodze po lepszy rozwój. Każdy pomocny gest z Waszej strony pozwoli Jonathanowi kontynuować rehabilitację. Możemy teraz ze spokojnym sercem czekać na zaplanowaną operację!

Jeszcze raz dziękujemy!

Campaign description

We were the happiest in the world when we got the news that we were blessed with the twins.  We imagined what our life would be like with four children - two daughters and two sons.  In our imaginations, everything looked like in the most beautiful fairy tale.

Reality, however, wrote a dramatic scenario. In the 17th week of pregnancy it turned out that the babies did not develop at the same rate.  In one of the boys, disturbances in the blood flow through the umbilical cord were noticed.  Every week I went to the hospital for a checkup, fearing the worst!  It was the first time that I felt completely helpless.  However, I did not give up and believed that everything would end well.  Even then, I knew that the boys would be given biblical names - Jonathan and Daniel.

We had been informed earlier that the boys would be born prematurely.  In the beginning of 27th week of pregnancy, further complications began.  When I was in the hospital ward, it turned out that one of the babies had a heart rate deceleration!  Hours later, we found out that Daniel was dead.  It was an indescribable shock for us!  I couldn't believe it, I couldn't accept it.  In an instant, all world crumbled.  But there was no time to mourn such a painful loss.  The fight for Jonathan's life had begun.  I remember to this day how I traumatically asked about my second child ...

Jonathan Lach

When Jonathan was born, his heart rate was not stable.  In the first 24 hours of his life, Jonathan was reanimated and intubated due to acute respiratory distress.  Jonathan was diagnosed with heart failure, necrotising enterocolitis, sepsis and anemia, and many other complications related to perinatal complications.  My son had several blood transfusions.  Another painful news, however, was yet to come ...

I heard that my son would be paralysed, he would not walk, he would not talk and hear.  Each word was a painful blow to my already wounded heart.  I felt like I was in a nightmare from which I could not wake up.  Our whole family was overcome with sadness.  Our little daughters were crying because they lost not only their brother, but also their parents, who spent every moment in the hospital.

Jonathan Lach

Jonathan turned out to be paralysed on the right side of his body.  As a result, there is abnormal muscle tone and painful contractures in his arm and leg.  My son cannot stand and walk on his own.  His right hand is also unable to perform fine and gross motor movements.  Daily therapy and rehabilitation is the only chance to improve my son's mobility.  Each of our days is the fear and suffering of the son, it is also crying during therapy.  Muscle spasticity causes enormous damage to Jonathan's tiny body.  As a result, his right leg is shorter and his pelvis is badly positioned, which makes difficult to control his trunk position and to walk.

I look after my son day and night.  The future scares me.  Jonathan recently said: "mummy walk" this is his dream!  Now he can only move with our help.  I would give my heart to help my son and I feel so helpless.  I know we can't do it without your help.  This scares us immensely.  This was not the fate we wanted….

Only specialised therapies are able to improve Jonathan's hand!  We dream about him being able to play with both hands, to be able to ride a bike, enjoy most of the things that his peers enjoy.  It's such a pain to see that he wants so much and can't, that it is beyond his control.  Without such important rehabilitation, my son will be doomed to a wheelchair!

Jonathan is our sunshine that lights up the dark clouds every day and we try to be strong for him.  I am begging you, help us protect my son from a wheelchair and permanent disability.  We have already lost one son and we could not survive the fact that Jonathan would be dependent on other people for the rest of his life.  We cannot lose its efficiency.  He is a smart and bright baby and deserves the best in life!

Thank you for your support. God bless you

Jonathan's parents


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23 424,00 zł ( 71.37% )
Donated by 534 people
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