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NOTE ❗️ Cancer in the eyes of a child! We save the life and eyesight of Julia

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Treatment in the USA

Julia Czerepaniak, 7 months

Piła, wielkopolskie

Nowotwór – siatkówczak obuoczny

Started: 27 May 2020
Ends: 13 August 2020

The situation is dramatic! That's how many appeals for rebounds starts. This one is special because it applies to a girl who is only a month old! Can such a child be diagnosed with cancer? Can such a small child fall ill and fight for life? Unfortunately yes!

My daughter Julia was born just a month ago ... From Monday, May 25, I hold a verdict over my child - a binocular retinoblastoma, an eye cancer that sows fear and brings death! My daughter saw the world for the first time a month ago. How should she say goodbye to him forever? At the moment, I can't imagine a more cruel disease than cancer,  which, above all, can take the child's eyesight to conquer the rest, kill ...

Julia Czerepaniak

We only have a month to start treatment in the USA - Julka's disease has attacked both eyes and is very advanced!

A few weeks ago, I proudly posted photos of my little daughter on Facebook. Now, with tears in my eyes, I am posting there an appeal for rescue...

This nightmare that we are experiencing right now happens when most mothers get drunk with happiness. Mine lasted only a few days. Then I saw a flash in my daughter’s eye - this terrible and ominous flash that very few people know. How did I know? How did I guess?

For years I supported the fundraisers for children diagnosed with retinoblastoma, I thought I understood the drama of their parents, who did everything to make it, take their children to the doctor in the United States, before darkness conceals them ... I never thought that fate would be so cruel, that my child will be born with such a terrible disease. Now I am one of them - mothers whose lives revolve around the fight for their child's life.

Julia Czerepaniak

A few weeks ago I became a mother, and now I must become a warrior who will do everything to save my child's eyesight and life.

Retinoblastoma is a unique disease. Cancerous tumors develop in the eyeballs, but they can spread to the brain and then there will be no rescue. In the Julka’s  right eye, the tumor fills the entire eyeball, in the left one is a little smaller. Before us is a tomograph that will show what else is going on in the tiny head.

The statistics are bad, especially when we are talking about cancer in both eyes. Chieldren who have one healthy eye have a chance to see even when the other is removed - my daughter does not have such a possibility. If she loses her eyes, darkness will always prevail in her life.

It is unbelievable that a child who has just been born has a malignant tumor and she may lose his sight and life.

I am asking you for the best therapy available for my daughter. There is the doctor in the United States who saves children like my daughter. Dr. Abramson has been specializing in this type of cancer for years. Chemistry is given to the child through the arteries directly into the eye to destroy these terrible cells. Such treatment is a huge opportunity for Julia, who will not be cured by standard chemotherapy, and it will tremendously burden the tiny body.

In Poland, they want to fight for my daughter's life, Dr. Abramson offered something more - a fight for life and eyesight! The prospect that Julia will someday be able to see her mother and everything around is the only thing we hold on to right now.

Julia Czerepaniak

Everyone who has a child knows how important eyesight is, how it begins with each child's unique, cognitive path! Without sight darkness remains, children are afraid of the dark! Please, protect my daughter from it!

Yesterday (May 27) we received a cost estimate for treatment from the United States. I know the stories of children suffering from retinoblastoma, I know that those returning from the USA needed over a million zlotys to fight cancer. In our case it is the same, but we have no other way.

I know very well the realities that we have to face now, I know that this fight will be very long and devastating for me and my daughter. We would love to, but we have no choice - to overcome the disease, you must face it!

In the coming weeks we will need many miracles - we are fighting for the first one at siepomaga.pl.  We need to get an astronomical amount and fly out as soon as possible to start treatment! Julka's illness affected both eyes - we can't wait or delay our flight to the States. There will be no second chance and that is why I am begging you as a young mother for whom the world has stopped. I am begging you for my life and seeing my little daughter ...


Charity collection verified by the Siepomaga Foundation
Supported by 19,607 people
922,477.06 zł (107.55%)