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That it would be like it was before ... - we fight for Kamil's health!

Kamil Danowski
Fundraiser finished
Fundraiser goal:

6 rehabilitation stays in rehabilitation center

Fundraiser started by: Fundacja ŚWIATŁO
Kamil Danowski, 29 years old
Grajewo, podlaskie
Stan po wypadku
Starts on: 25 September 2018
Ends on: 05 April 2021

Fundraiser description

It's been almost 3 yearssince the tragicaccident ... December 22, 2015. Preparations for Christmas, Christmas dinner planned, Christmaspresentsbought. We were to spendChristmastogetherathome. When the phonerang, I was stillatwork. A voice from the receivertold me that my sonhadanaccident andthat he was in seriouscondition. I remember the way to the hospital as ifthrough a fog, I was shaking with fear, I did not knowwhatto expect on the spot.

What exactly happened? Kamil, when he was going to work, collided head-on with the tractor. The ambulance took him from the scene of the accident. A moment later he got to the operating table. A wide recess of the bone of the skull cover was found. Numerous bone fragments have been removed. We were waiting for a message from the doctor, we wanted to hear what the chances are, and those were not good. Kamil’s condition  was very serious. He was not given any hope of survival. We were prepared for the worst.

Kamil Danowski

A decision was made - Kamil was taken to a hospital in Bialystok. Only there he had a chance to survive. For the second time in a day, I gave my son to the hands of people who saved his life. We watched his bed alternately with husband. We waited for any sign from Kamil - the movement of the hand or eyelid. We stared at our son and counted down the next hours. Attempts of waking him up came to naught. Kamil lay as if he were stone - he did not react to any stimuli, he did not move his legs or hands, he did not lead his eyes, he did not react to voice.

I just hoped that Kamil's life would not end so quickly that one moment would not shatter his whole life. I told myself - he is only 22 years old. I was praying. I kept praying and asked for praying everyone. After four weeks in hospital in Bialystok, nothing has changed. Nobody could tell me what would happen, whether Kamil will live, whether he would see, hear, speak ... I felt like loosing hope, coming across the great wall. Two unbelievably heavy head surgeries and finally a braindamage ... Too much for me. Was Kamil supposed to be a plant? No, no, once again no! I shouted in pain. I remember the first suggestions of doctors about seeking a care centre for the son. Kamil will not be like he was before accident, he will not be independent, he will only be a plant - this is waht they used to say. At that time, I promised myself and Kamil that I, mother, would never allow it!

Everyday struggle began, and we finally believed that Kamil would come back to us. And he came back! In March 2016, he awoke from a coma. He was conscious. We already knew that everything must be learned from scratch: walking, speaking, reading and writing. Long-term rehabilitation is needed, such a constant, on the verge of endurance. Rehabilitation gave the result. From the center in Opole, Kamil, with the help of my husband, went out on his own feet! Impossible became the truth. Kamil will walk again. I knew it was not over yet, that there was one more chance - this time to regain speech. Since December 2017, we have been traveling with Kamil to Warsaw for speech rehabilitation.

Kamil Danowski

We love Kamil for life. We work hard to make it happen as it was before the accident. However, the road to achieving full efficiency by the Son is very long, bumpy and very expensive. We work together with my husband, but this is no longer enough, and yet we can not stop the rehabilitation now. Especially when it brings results.

Looking at suffering of your own child hurts a lot. If I could, I would give him my health. I can see how Kamil works hard. I can see his stubbornness and determination. The biggest effects are brought by intense rehabilitation stays. With them new hope is born, hope for regaining fitness and independence.

The costs of such rehabilitation reach tens of thousands a year. Time can not be undone, but we are trying to do everything for Kamil to regain as much fitness as possible. Please help, because everyone who wants to help Kamil must know that it changes his life, restores his smile and gives hope. We believe that we will be able meke things better with your help. Please, support us in this hard struggle...

Renata i Antoni Danowscy – Kamil’s parents

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