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Little Girl and her Big Problem. Kinga can’t grow without the medication!

Kinga Karwacka
Fundraiser finished
Fundraiser goal:

trzyletni zapas leku

Kinga Karwacka, 17 years old
Strumień, śląskie
short stature
Starts on: 03 October 2019
Ends on: 03 January 2020

Fundraiser description

Sometimes a few centimetres can change your life. Every child is looking forward to becoming a grown up. Every child wants to grow into a confident adult. Unfortunately, Kinga can’t grow without our help. 

Kinga has always been smaller than her peers, but it was not of a concern until the age of six when she was diagnosed with idiopathic low growth. The diagnosis wiped the smile of the face of our daughter. How could she possibly be happy knowing her sentence – she will never grow up! There is a difference between a short person and a little person. The latter one is still considered to be a “circus freak”. This is Kinga’s biggest fear – other children will tease her for being a midget.

Kinga Karwacka

Immediately after receiving the diagnosis we started the therapy in the hope of getting our Kinga to be 4 feet 7inches (140cm) tall, the maximum height she is able to achieve with the treatment. Unfortunately, the therapy is not publicly funded and we had to go into debt to pay for the medication. Now we have reached our financial limit, hence the plea to you all to help our daughter.

Kinga’s therapy is only possible until she reaches puberty and she is 13 years old now. We are desperate to continue her therapy for as long as it is bringing good results. Realistically we need to keep it going for another three years. We need not keep paying not only for the medication but also for injection needles, disinfectants, numerous trips to the specialist pharmacy and specialist visits.

Kinga has given herself over 1000 injections already. Whether she is going on a school camp, taking part in competitions or going to her friend’s house for a sleepover, she takes her medication fridge with her to inject the growth hormone before bedtime. It is a tedious and sometimes painful routine but it doesn’t compare to the emotional pain she suffers. Kinga is passionate about sport and is a talented competitive swimmer. Unfortunately, she is so much smaller than her peers that she can’t compete on fair terms. She gets frustrated, loses her confidence and says: “What’s the point of me competing. I’m going to loose anyway…” 

Kinga Karwacka

The next three years are the window of opportunity that will define our daughter’s future. We live in constant fear that if money runs out we will have to stop Kinga’s therapy and sentence her to a life of physical and emotional pain. A patents’ worst nightmare.

Please, help us!

Agata, Kinga’s mum

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