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Laura's story

Laura Biel
Zbiórka zakończona
1 160 524,00 zł ( 103.23% )
Wsparło 32088 osób

Operacja serca w Children's Boston Hospital

Fundraising organizer: Fundacja KAWAŁEK NIEBA
Laura Biel, 3 years
Opole, opolskie
Double Outlet Right Ventricle (DORV)
Starts at: 07 May 2020
Ends at: 03 August 2020


Please, learn the story of Laura - a little heart that needs a lot of help to live: October 28, 2017 - the happiest day. Then our beloved daughter Laura was born in a German clinic in Munster. Tears of happiness and emotion were unmanageable. After a few wonderful minutes, when I had Laura with me, they took her to the intensive care unit, where she began her fight for life …

On the 9th day of her life she underwent her first system-pulmonary anastomosis surgery. And the worst moment in my life came when anaesthesiologists took my little daughter for surgery. There was fear, but then the phone with the greatest information - everything went according to plan! Then we were convinced that Laura was in the best hands and that we gave her the best chance of life!

Laura Biel

Our baby turned out to be very strong and quickly recovered. Less than half a year later, on April 6, 2018, Laura underwent cardiac catheterization. Glenna surgery was scheduled for April 9. Unfortunately, on the night of April 7 to 8, the shunt that saved her life right after birth began to stop! Our chip has almost gone, is on the verge of life and death …

Pain and fear were indescribable. My heart was falling apart into thousands of pieces... Fortunately, we were in the UKM Munster ward that night and the doctors reacted immediately! Professor Malec and Assoc. Januszewska appeared immediately and at 4am took Laura to the operating theater. The operation, although accelerated, was fortunately not complicated. Daughter's life was saved, we could go home!

Laura Biel

From that moment on, however, we knew that it was not the end, that Laura had to undergo one more operation to have a chance to live to adulthood. The daughter is our little ray, we can't imagine life without her. Each day with Laura is priceless and there are no words to describe the happiness it gives us. That's why we will do everything to save her …

We were looking for the best solution for her very complicated heart. We found them all the way at Children’s Boston Hospital, where we were qualified for a two-chamber heart surgery, which will be led by Dr. Pedro del Nido. This is a great opportunity for a better and longer life! We want to provide our child with the best of everything. We've almost lost it once, we can't let it happen again …

Laura Biel

That's why we beg for help, every cent or penny is literally worth the weight of life! The situation is dramatic and we have little time to raise almost 250,000 dollars. Over a million zlotys ... We can't do it without you. Only an army of people with big hearts can save our daughter and her little heart who wants to live so much ...

1 160 524,00 zł ( 103.23% )
Wsparło 32088 osób
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