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I won't give up without a fight!

Maciej Budrewicz
Fundraiser goal:


Fundraiser organizer: Fundacja Siepomaga
Maciej Budrewicz, 26 years old
Gdańsk, pomorskie
brain goat glioma
Starts on: 08 January 2020
Ends on: 30 January 2023

Fundraiser description

On my twenty-third birthday, I received a diagnosis from doctors - grade IV glioblastoma.  I was already after two operations of tumor resection and radiotherapy.  I thought I was winning, that the worst was behind me.  After all, it's a vicious circle when you have to go back to the hospital every few months to resist death and fight for life!

It all started in June last year.  For several weeks I had numbness in my left hand and severe headaches.  Finally, I went to the hospital, where a series of tests was done.  In one of them in the picture, doctors saw a brain tumor.  It was the end - a revealed truth that crossed out the whole world that I was building.  A few days later the first surgery took place, and 3 months later I had radiation therapy.  Another resonance and shock.  The tumor has grown and another surgery is needed.  Then came the final diagnosis ...


Glioma is a very insidious tumor that is extremely difficult to operate on.  The brain is an extremely ungrateful battlefield for cancer, because you can't infinitely cut and interfere with its structure.  If the doctors leave the tumor, it grows back.

I don't know how long I can take it, because my head is not a book you can look into forever.

Someday there will come a time when the scalpel goes too far, when I am not lucky.  My life will end at the very beginning of the road?  Such thoughts cannot be avoided, but they cannot break me.  I want to live and I want to be fit - I just think about it!

I am currently receiving chemotherapy.  As a result of the surgery, my left side of the body suffered paresis.  A brain tumor is already wreaking destruction, and I know it won't end there.  The brain is a very delicate structure, and any interference can result in complete paralysis.  Now I win the fight for my life, but I lose with my own body.  I need intensive rehabilitation to strengthen my body and be able to move my left side efficiently again.  I also know that I will receive further treatment.  And this will cost a fortune.

My family supports me all the time, but my head is thinking about how I will gather the necessary resources.  That's why I dare to ask for help.  I want to blow out the candles on the cake on my next birthday, be able to plan the future and enjoy life.  I want to be able to walk by myself , and someday forget about all the nightmare I'm going through right now.  I am still young and would like to have plans and future  instead of distant dreams.  I have the power to turn on, but I need help.  I believe that when this nightmare is over, when I get back on my feet.

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