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Suffering Maksia crosses all boundaries!

Maksymilian Szendera
Campaign finished
352 685,74 zł ( 101.54% )
Donated by 8270 people
Campaign goal:

Hip surgery

Campaign organiser: Fundacja Mam Serce
Maksymilian Szendera, 12 years
Kraków, małopolskie
post-infective encephalitis, cerebral palsy, microcephaly and epilepsy
Starts at: 29 January 2019
Ends at: 05 April 2019

Campaign result


Maksiu, już po operacji❗️

Był strach, ogromne napięcie i dużo bólu, ale teraz zaczyna się wyłaniać uśmiech, z którego Maksiu jest znany! Doktor jest zadowolony z operacji, nóżki są wreszcie równe i wszystko wskazuje na to, że po rehabilitacji za 6 tygodni Maksiu odzyska to, co stracił, przez okrutną chorobę – stanie na własnych nóżkach! 

Maksymilian Szendera

Musi się udać – będziemy świadkami cudu, który będzie dział się na naszych oczach. To wszystko dzięki Wam, wspaniali darczyńcy. Dzięki Wam życie Maksia będzie takie, jakie powinno być, kiedy ma się 10 lat. 

Trzymamy kciuki ze wszystkich sił! Zdrowiej mały wojowniku!

Campaign description

The hip did not make it, it fell apart and was deformed so that it no longer does what it should. Maks feels only pain, so strong as if his bone was broken.  Two years ago I promised him that if he survives the operation and the pain, he would walk. I've never seen him so happy, I've never seen such hope in his eyes...

I let him down, I didn't keep my word, the operation helped only for a moment, then the pain appeared and the leg started to rotate inwards. We knew that it hadn't worked, that little Maks wouldn't walk normally, he wouldn't manage - he would lose a struggle against an enormous pain.

We managed to consult with Dr. Paley and Dr. Feldman. One look at the x-rays was enough to make everything clear. Maks will have to be operated on once again and urgently!

Maksymilian Szendera

The head of the femur is very badly worn. The pelvic acetabulum and the whole pelvis itself are also damaged. Now, a very invasive operation is required to help my child. Doctors have been examining Maks for a long time - they want to give him a second chance to walk on his own legs without this terrible pain.

They set a condition that I am not able to meet myself – on April 8, Maks must be on the operating table! How am I supposed to do that, since the costs are estimated at almost 350 thousand Polish zlotys. My son's spine is also curved all the time – his scoliosis is already a curvature reaching 42 degrees. It is a miracle that someone still wants to undertake the treatment, that the consequences of the previous operation can still be reversed and the damaged pelvis can be repaired.

Maks, born prematurely in England, was 1.5 kg, but he was a healthy boy. In Poland, when the ultrasound shows that the child is not growing, the mother is directed to pregnancy pathology ward. English doctors underestimated the weight of the child. In the fourth month of his life, after getting vaccination, Maks collapsed into a coma. Convulsions appeared after he woke up.

As his mother says, her heart coudn't cope with the loss. She gave birth to a healthy child, and post-vaccination encephalitis caused childhood paralysis, microcephalus and epilepsy. Why has this happened to us, why will we always have to live with the consequences of bad decisions? When Max turned one year old, he had a three-day fever. An ordinary virus caused the boy to stop breathing. He had to be resuscitated for a long time, and after arriving at the hospital he got strong convulsions, which doctors were not able to control. A year later the situation repeated itself. Maks and his parents were almost separate again by a setback. And again a long resuscitation and an attempt to stabilize the boy who was dying.

Maksymilian Szendera

Today he is 9 years old, he is a child with disabilities, his psychomotor development is delayed, he doesn't speak nor does he walk alone, he has to be diapered. He went through a lot – he was resuscitated twice, he underwent bone marrow depression with suspected leukaemia, he suffers from leukopenia (decrease in the number of leukocytes leading to an extreme weakening of the immune system), he went through a series of very severe pneumonias and acute and chronic purulent sinusitis.

Maks has to deal with so many things every day. I will never accept this and I will not allow my child to suffer so much. I want to give him a chance, preferably a lot of chances, but reason suggests otherwise. This chance will be the last!

A boy so cruelly mutilated by fate can lose what he used to have in common with a normal life – independent movement. Suffering has its limits, even for such a smiling child reconciled with his fate. When a dislocation of the joint occurs, pain absorbs everything. Surgeries cannot be done indefinitely, especially since little Maks does not handle anaesthesia well. After the last surgery, doctors could barely wake him up. We can save Maks from this pain provided that we all do it together. The limit of suffering can no longer be shifted.

352 685,74 zł ( 101.54% )
Donated by 8270 people
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