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URGENT! – Single mother is dying but we know how to save her! Join us and do not let a child loose his only Parent!

Marlena Kamińska
Campaign finished

URGENT! – Single mother is dying but we know how to save her! Join us and do not let a child loose his only Parent!

303 470,00 zł ( 100.04% )
Donated by 4353 people
Campaign goal:

immunoterapia w Niemczech - ostatnia szansa Marleny

Marlena Kamińska, 44 years
Piaseczno, mazowieckie
glioblastoma IV grade multiforme
Starts at: 21 January 2019
Ends at: 30 March 2019

Campaign description

Just try to imagine your dearest son or daughter is suddenly left all alone on this world. Terrifying isn’t it? Marlena and her son have to face this possibility ever since she was diagnosed with Glioblastoma multiforme in its 4th stage. There is still hope though!!! Let’s not let this worst fear of Marlena come true!!!

Few words from Marlena:

My Son is sixteen years old and he is my whole world. I cannot even start to imagine that my baby could be left alone in this world. 

4th Stage of Glioblastoma multiforme – those few words have turned our lives upside down half a year ago. That’s when I’ve started my biggest battle, battle for my life. In November 2018 I have underwent a radiotherapy treatment, soon also the chemotherapy will be over and that is all the doctors in Poland have to offer.

I did not gave up though, I was desperately looking for other ways to fight this terrible disease and this is how I found out an alternative yet already proven therapy in Immune Research Centre in Cologne, Germany. It is a new therapy, which is utilising mutated donor’s cells to fight the cancer. From what I was told it stimulates body’s own immune system to fight off the illness. It is till now the only treatment which is targeting only cancer cells without damaging the rest of the body. The Clinic’s immune researchers Allison and Honjo were even awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine 2018 acknowledging their contribution to modern cancer therapy.

Marlena Kamińska

There is only one catch: this treatment costs 65 000 EUR which is completely out of reach for me and my son.

Thanks to incredible help of my family, friends and people of good will we were able to collect funds needed for the first stage of the treatment – this brought hope into my son’s heart again and it gives me the power to continue the fight and I simply cannot give up now! This is why I still need your help! There is still a lot money needed to go through the whole therapy, money which I do not have. That is why my life and my son’s future depend on you – yes, the therapy is expensive but still not out of reach if people like you will help me! Every single dollar, Euro, Penny counts! Please, help me stay with my beloved son, help me see him become a grown man, a husband, maybe even a father!

From the bottom of my heart thank you for all your contributions and wishes!!!

God bless you!!!


303 470,00 zł ( 100.04% )
Donated by 4353 people

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