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Let's save Mateusz's heart!

Mateusz Chrobak
Fundraiser finished
Fundraiser goal:

implementacja zastawki płucnej w klinice w Munster

Fundraiser started by: Fundacja Serce Dziecka
Mateusz Chrobak
Sułkowice, małopolskie
złożona wada serca: przełożenie wielkich naczyń, przetrwały przewód Botalla, ubytki międzyprzedsionkowe
Starts on: 25 January 2016
Ends on: 05 June 2016

Fundraiser result

Mati wyleciał już  do Niemiec. Nastał trudny dla wszystkich czas oczekiwania bezpośrednio na operację. Ten czas, do 25 listopada (dnia operacji) jego bliscy wypełniają modlitwą. Trzymamy kciuki za Matiego!

Fundraiser description

This child cannot be operated. You should say goodbye to your child- how could such words be said to mother? Mateusz’s mom heard those words a few times. She didn’t listen. She didn’t give up. Neither did Mateusz. For ten years this brave boy has cocked a snook at those who wanted to say goodbye to him. He doesn’t go anywhere but your help is needed…

Year 2005. Mrs Elżbieta is pregnant. It is a second child, second son. The first son, Mikołaj is healthy and strong. 30th weeks of the pregnancy, control ultrasound examine. The gynecology’s face makes MrsElżbieta worry. He says to her that it is a cardiac defect,he even draws her what is wrong with the child’s heart. It is a shock, despair. Immediate further examines. The hope fulfillment – it is a mistake – doctors claim that there is no cardiac defect, that the child is healthy. That kills the parents alertness…

When Mateusz is born, everything seems to confirm their words till the second hour of his life. Mati starts to breath differently, becomes blue. Nurses and doctors gather. He is taken to have ultrasound examine. The cardiac defect exists, for sure. How is it possible that somebody earlier claimed differently? Nobody is able to answer. This is not usual heart failure, but unusually complicated. The transposition of the great arteries, patent ductusarteriosus, atrial septal defect… These strangely sounded words say nothing to the parents. Then they know only one thing, their child is dying. This newborn cannot be saved – the doctors claim and the parents feel they die with their child – with helplessness and pain. They are left alone at the corridor. The young intern is trying to console Mrs Elżbieta, he is concerned with their fortune. Mateusz’s mum with trembling hands shows the genecology’s drawing.  She tries to understand how it could happen that somebody predicted his son’s cardiac defect, and others, cleverer, claimed that it doesn’t exist. The intern takes the picture and runs to his master, who is, working at that time in Cracow. Immediate decision. The professor as the only one, wants to operate the boy.

The operation, the anatomic correction by Jatene’s procedure happens in the sixth days of Mateusz’s life. The operation is successful. The boy gets the second life. The parents claim that they will be grateful for this gift till the end. Mateusz leaves hospital, goes home. He grows up fast as if he wants to prove those who wanted to condemn him to death, as much they were wrong. Year 2008, control heart echo scan. Bad news again, heart catheterization is necessary and operation. Lack of time, the boy must be operated immediately. The doctors assure that the operation finishes with success. The first day after the operation. MrsEla never forgets that. Three-years-old Mateusz, stifling, dying on her hands, calling his mom for help. Reanimation. Nobody knows what is happening. Later it turns out that it was a bacteria in extracorporeal circulation. The child cannot be saved- the parents hear again. The feel as if they are dying. But Mateusz doesn’t give up. He fights for life. It lasts more than a month. The boy comes back home. Thinner for 8 kilograms, he stops smiling, he crawls into his shell. He sometimes has nightmares about stifling.

It is the beginning of problems. Liquid in pericardium, pediatrist’s  decision about immediate hospitalization. Next year, the problem with pulmonary arteries. Nobody is able to help Mateusz. Warsaw, Zabrze, Łódź…. The doctors claim that nothing can be done. They order to enjoy every day because it isn’t know which day is the last. The mother finds the phone number to the doctor who save Mateusz’s life as the  first. Professor Malec works now in Munich. Mateusz goes to him, the professor for the next time saves his life, inserting stents in his pulmonary arteries. In German clinic the boy disposes the hospital’s trauma. He comes back homes quickly. For the first time Mateusz feels great, runs, romp. He is lively.

When Mateusz goes to kindergarden he starts to say that he feels badly. Next operations. Every year he stays in hospital, but mainly in German. In Polish hospitals doctors claims that Mateusz is not promising boy. Anatomic defects causes cardiac arrhythmias and it’s failure. In 2012 Mateusz has a risky heart operation, during which he receives bovine pulmonary valve. The operation proceeds successfully, the boy comes back home. He waits for many treatments but he is brave. He experiences pain and stress. He has the willing to fight and large amount of love which gives strength to others who fights for him. In June, last year, he goes to Germany to have treatment to widen his coronary vessels. Bad news again: the new valve has calcified and the new is necessary.

The anatomic heart correction which was done after the birth should have been the last. But Mateusz’s heart is unpredictable. He is the lovely brawler with big eyes, unusually curious child, very talkative. He loves Mr Bean. He has a large heart, especially for animals. He has got two dogs, Saba and Doris and cat Garfield. If he could he would shelter all animals. He also saved hedgehog found in the garden, feeding him with milk from syringe. In the future he wants to help animals because he knows they are weaker and need our care and help. He dreams of being a vet.

Mati doesn’t want to be ill. He doesn’t want hospital any more. He wants to take part in PE lessons, go to school and trips. He is a great students, he has the best notes in the class, he takes part in mathematical and orthographical competitions. At the same time he is liked by other students – he helps others in need. The parents admires his great imagination. He builds with blocks with his brother, draws comics with his father and cooks with his mum- he is a great fun of culinary programs. He has his own smalldreams, two of them came true- he visited Tomb of John Paul II who is a great authority for him and he saw our sea. But he still hasn’t admire he greatest dream-to have fixed heart…

Mateusz was classified to the next operation, during which he is going to get the best valve in the world. There is a chance that it can be implanted during heart catheterization. If it can’t be done during catheterization, it will be an operation the next day. The risk of the first method is much more smaller but the cost is unfortunately very high. Is the Mateusz’s life invaluable though?

This fundraiser is finished. You can support other People in need.

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