Gold medal for Kuba

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When you first look at Kuba, you might say he’s a boy like many others but when you get to know him better, you realise he’s in fact a real hero … a hero who is to play a match. However, the victory will mean much more than one can initially think. Kuba wants to win his future life in order to make his dreams come true.

We hardly ever appreciate our everyday life. Whatever move we make , whatever step we take … they seem to be so obvious, so easy to do. But it is not so for Kuba. For him, it is still a dream and it is you who can help the boy make it happen.

How? It’s not difficult. Damian Szwarnowski , a distinguishing young Polish judoka, who has already won a few titles and medals in both Poland and Europe, has recently donated a trophy of his (the gold medal he took in European Judo Youth Championships) in order to be given to Kuba. Before, however, it is necessary to collect at least 15 000 zloties. Please, help us do it. Any sum of money is of great importance and we do believe Kuba is worth trying to do it. Don’t hesitate and contribute a piece of your heart to this noble aim.

Let’s fight for Kuba and his victory.



100 zł

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Damy radę!
50 zł

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40 zł

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20 zł

Anonimowy Pomagacz

50 zł


Trzymam kciuki!!! Na pewno się uda !!!!
30 zł

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Kuba Świder, 11 years
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