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#MichalWalcz We help Michał come back to his life from before the accident

Michał Wojtysiak
Campaign finished

#MichalWalcz We help Michał come back to his life from before the accident

242 485,00 zł ( 100% )
Donated by 6013 people
Campaign goal:


Campaign organiser: Fundacja VOTUM
Michał Wojtysiak, 32 years
Poznań, wielkopolskie
Condition after the bicycle accident
Starts at: 04 June 2018
Ends at: 05 July 2018

Campaign result


Michał Wojtysiak

Michał walczy i to jak! Po czterech miesiącach rehabilitacji Michał jest znacznie silniejszy fizycznie: samodzielnie siedzi, chodzi w asyście terapeutów, stawia pierwsze kroki na schodach, ćwiczy koordynację i pracuje nad wzmocnieniem lewej ręki. Każdy dzień to również trudna nauka jedzenia oraz mówienia, jednak i na tym polu Michał ma już niemałe sukcesy. 

Całe dnie są wypełnione zajęciami - mamy w zwyczaju nazywać je treningami. Najważniejsze jest to, że Michał jest chętny do pracy, nigdy nie narzeka i stale chciałby więcej ćwiczyć, a kolejne sukcesy dodają mu energii.

Michał Wojtysiak

W weekendy znajdujemy czas, aby pojechać na wycieczkę do centrum miasta lub okolicznych parków i odpocząć po całym tygodniu ciężkich terapii.

Misiek - bo tak go w ośrodku wszyscy nazywają - jest pogodny i cierpliwy, choć czasem nad kolejnymi postępami trzeba pracować dłuższy czas. Duch sportowca jednak go nie opuszcza. Malujemy sobie wszyscy w głowie pozytywne obrazy, które dodają nam otuchy i wyznaczają cel - wrócić do formy. Cały czas spore grono osób pyta o Michała i jego postępy, śle pozdrowienia oraz pozytywną energię, za co bardzo dziękujemy, bo stale widzimy efekty tego wsparcia. 


Campaign description

At the best age, full of health, energy and the will to live. Michał was supposed to marry Monika on July 21. He was head over heels in love preparing for this moment as meticulously as to the half-marathons and triathlons he competed in. Unfortunately ... he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. An ambulance riding to save life, as a result of the accident, rammed Michał, taking away his health. The only chance to return to everyday functioning is high-cost rehabilitation - let's fight with him!

Michał Wojtysiak

Michał was waiting for the green light. Standing on the bike path, he was arranging the plan of preparations for the wedding in his head. It was the second day of spring, 4 months to D-day. Are all invitations already sent out? Have we not forgotten someone? The sound of the approaching ambulance distracted him - they were going to save someone's life, hopefully. Cars present at Śródka Roundabout in Poznań stopped. Some of them went sideways, making a rescue corridor. One did not stop. It hit the ambulance which was leaving the roundabout. As a result the ambulance hit the biker who was waiting for the green light...

One moment that changed everything. In a few days he planned to run his first marathon in life. He didn’t suppose that instead of this race, he would face an ultramarathon, for which he doesn’t receive medals, only something much more valuable - a chance to recover. Michał loved physical activities. Exercises, swimming, cycling. Today he also has exercises... All on the bed, with the help of physiotherapists. In pain and helplessness.

It was a miracle that Michał survived the accident. His life most likely was saved by his helmet. Deep cerebral trauma, damaged lungs, post-accidental coma and, surprisingly, no fractures. Doctors were preparing the family for the worst in the following hours. But Michał is a fighter. An athlete who loves life, challenges and, above all, his fiancée. During the marriage vows, the promise of staying with the other person for better or for worse is made. They did not expect the trial to come much faster...

In April they were to get the wedding rings they had ordered. Michał did not make it... Monika brought them to the hospital. They are engraved with the date "July 21, 2018". However, they will wait for him much longer... Instead of the honeymoon - intensive, long-lasting, HIGH-COST rehabilitation. Michał will fight as long as he needs to. It is up to us and our help if he gets the chance.

About 3 weeks after the accident, he began to wake up from a coma. At the first neurological consultation the doctors diagnosed minimal awareness and contact. For a long time, the human brain will remain as complicated to medicine as the Enigma ciphers. We do not know if Michał will ever get back to full fitness, but intense exercises bring amazing results. Today he is raising his right hand, nods, answering yes or no questions. He is at the beginning of the way...

Michał Wojtysiak

#MichalWalcz - under this hashtag many people express their support for Michał. A fiancée, family, friends, acquaintances and completely random people whose hearts have moved for him. Michał knows that he is not alone with this. That a lot of good souls are waiting for news, for his healing. In addition to positive words, he also needs a lot of money to help him finance expensive rehabilitation. Together we can do it!

242 485,00 zł ( 100% )
Donated by 6013 people

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