Help and support those of the sick and the disabled

Chow, Zdziśka Foundation, blue glimmer ofhope "was established with a view to aidingchildren sick, disabled and personssuffering from, harmed by fate whounfortunately due to health reasons andsocial are unable to function normally ineveryday life. Our main focus is bringingsuch assistance, and to strive to improvethe situation of the most vulnerable: thesick, the disabled, lonely and suffering. Wewant to show that disability in no wayinterfere. Therefore, we set the objective ofshaping positive personality traits amongpeople with disabilities. Therefore, Chow,Zdziśka Foundation, Blue ray of hope "inThere invited people with disabilities with agroup of invalidity in so far as significantand moderate to participate in professionalworkshops. We want this action to drawpeople with disabilities with homes to havestarted functioning and cooperationbetween people healthy Chow, Zdziśka Foundation, Blue ray of


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Dla Dawida
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Dla Dawidka
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Dla Dawida Szpaka. Żeby się udało.
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Trzymam kciuki!!!! Wytrwałości dla mamy i Ciebie
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Anonimowy Pomagacz

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Dla Dawida Szpaka. Życzę dużo zdrowia i wytrwałości, jesteście wspaniali :*

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