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Save my arm and change my life! I need an urgent surgery!

Anastazja Jóźwiak
Fundraiser finished

Save my arm and change my life! I need an urgent surgery!

Fundraiser goal:

Druga operacja rączki w Paley European Institute

Anastazja Jóźwiak, 3 years old
Zalasewo, wielkopolskie
Congenital absence of the radius in the forarm
Starts on: 12 May 2020
Ends on: 31 August 2020

Previous fundraisers:

Anastazja Jóźwiak
90 153,00 zł ( 102.09% )
2318 donors
30.08.2019 - 24.04.2020

arm surgery in Paley European Institute

90 153,00 zł ( 102.09% )

arm surgery in Paley European Institute

Fundraiser description

Nastka is only 7 months old… There is a difficult life ahead of her if rescue doesn`t come on time! Our daughter needs an operation; otherwise, she will always be disabled… It doesn`t have to be like that! If you decide to turn Nastka`s fate, if you are willing to give her a chance, you will rescue her from disability and suffering… Please help – thanks to You our daughter may get a chance to live a normal life.

Anastazja Jóźwiak

Blue eyes, sweet face… and a hand, twice shorter than the other one. Right hand – when we have it we don`t realise how much we need it. Once we don`t have it, everything becomes difficult. Nastka is still young, only several months old… What will it be like when she grows up? She won`t do her hair, won`t dress herself, won`t make herself a breakfast… Won`t be able to use a knife and a fork… Won`t tie her shoe laces… She will never be independent. In every, even simplest task, she will need an assistance of another person.

We have found out about our daughter`s disability half way through pregnancy. There was enough time to prepare for the future that was coming, but can you ever prepare for your own child`s disability? Can you ever reconcile even if doctors don`t know how to treat your baby once it is born? All we knew was that there would be something wrong with the hand, couldn`t see a bone in her hand… What we felt when found out about disability? Impossible to describe… Impossible to imagine. We were frightened; there was so much fear and anxiety in us…

We knew that something is not going to be right, but it is impossible to prepare for the sight of a disabled child. Anastazja was born with a defect of a right hand. There is no radius bone. Her forearm is a lot shorter than it should be. She has also smaller palm and no thumb…

Anastazja Jóźwiak

Every parent wants to protect his baby from suffering… Wants to give it everything – the whole world... We are unable to give our daughter the most important thing – health. After the birth, it turned out that treating our daughter would be very, very difficult… It is a very rare condition. Complicated. Operation using methods known to Polish surgeons doesn`t guarantee that Nastka is going to live a normal life. The risk is very high. In most cases despite great work of surgeons, deformity comes back. The forearm may stop growing and there will be nothing that could possibly be done!

We were very afraid of what will it be like and what does the future hold for our daughter. We were looking for a rescue – and we found it! Not many surgeons specialise in deformities like our daughter`s. One of them is dr Paley – American orthopaedist, founder of innovatory methods of fixing limb deformities. He helps many children – fixing upper and lower limbs, which would otherwise be amputated... Thanks to him, children start to walk, their hands start to grab… Nastka can be amongst those children, which were helped! Doctor will fix the wrist, make a thumb and lengthen the forearm and it will be working!

Anastazja Jóźwiak

Dr Paley and a team of his surgeons specialise in cases like the one of our daughter`s. There are no impossible things to them. Few times a year dr Paley travels to Europe, performs surgeries in Poland in Paley European Institute. Traveling to United States would be excessively expensive. The cost of surgery in Poland will be a lot smaller. It is still a huge amount, unimaginable, as the surgery is not funded by NFZ… Huge price for the health and independent future of Nastka.

You are the only hope. Please help us fund our daughter`s surgery. She doesn`t have to be disabled. We are at the beginning of a long fight for her health. Her treatment was divided into three stages but we believe that it is possible to achieve. With you, we can make the first most important step to our daughter`s normal life.

Gosia & Łukasz - rodzice

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