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The result of one doctor’s decision

Maria Szaraniec
Campaign finished

The result of one doctor’s decision

26 858,00 zł ( 100.07% )
Donated by 520 people
Campaign goal:


Maria Szaraniec
Starachowice, świętokrzyskie
Mózgowe Porażenie Dziecięce
Starts at: 22 July 2015
Ends at: 11 November 2015

Campaign result

Bardzo serdecznie dziękujemy Siepomaga za zorganizowanie zbiórki pieniężnej na zakup NF-Walkera. Dzięki Wam, jak i wszystkim darczyńcom, posiadającym tak ogromne serca, nasza córeczka Marysia będzie miała lepsze bardziej samodzielne życie.

Niesamowite jest, patrzeć jak porusza nóżkami, jak potrafi sama przemieszczać się po mieszkaniu. Wszystko to dzięki Siepomaga i wszystkim aniołom dobroci! Dziękujemy z całego serca!

Campaign description

‘Bye, bye granny, I’m flying to the universe’ - a happy girl is screaming, trying to move her legs in an outfit which looks like a space suit. She is about ten years old, and looks like her peers. However, this is the only similarity between her and them – her disease moved Marysia away from other children for at least a few years.

‘I have two children, one is healthy, the other is retarded.’ – says Marysia’s mum. ‘The worst thing is the fact that our tragedy is the result of one doctor’s decision. Maybe a different doctor when diagnosing cervical insufficiency would put a stitch, as it was in case of my younger son, and then I would have two healthy kids. However, according to the doctor present at Marysia’s birth there were no indications to put a stitch. I spent six weeks on a pregnancy pathology ward at the hospital, trying to prevent the labour action so that Marysia would not be born too early. During the 30th week of my pregnancy the doctor decided that I have to bear a child, without the cesarian operation and anesthesia because the premature baby would not survive it.’

Marysia lives, but the first two months of her life were very difficult. She had bleedings to the brain, breathing disorders, circulatory arrest and as a result of these problems she got hypoxia. There was a risk of a cerebral paralysis but on her hospital card there is no information about it. During the medical check-ups the doctors assured me that there is no risk of cerebral paralysis. I really wanted to hear it and I believed the doctors and what they said. Finally, when the diagnosis of cerebral paralysis was given to us, I regretted that we hadn’t known it from the beginning because we could have started the rehabilitation exercises earlier.

Maria Szaraniec

The next diagnosis –retardation on a moderate level and epilepsy – were also worrying. So far epilepsy attacks are unnoticeable, thus they aren’t neutral to Marysia’s health. Her brain is damaged from her birth. Unfortunately, some of the damages are irreversible, but we still can do a lot to help Marysia. Our main goal is her self-reliance. Although she uses a wheelchair, she has got a chance to walk with the help of a ‘space suit’ called NF-Walker. We have managed to get a founding from two institutions, but we will get it only if we collect the rest of the sum. We are not able to collect it ourselves, so for Marysia’s sake we have to ask other people for help.

Marysia will be always marked with her illness. However, we can give her something that will enable her to fly to the ‘universe’. For her, taking a few steps is like a journey to the other planet – the planet of people walking independently. NF-Walker will help her to get closer to this independent world. Let’s help her with the first step – this is a small step for a man, but a big one for Marysia.

26 858,00 zł ( 100.07% )
Donated by 520 people

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