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Help! The condition of the heart of our son is tragic - we have time until the end of September to pay for the surgery!

Nikoś Skawiński
Fundraiser finished

Help! The condition of the heart of our son is tragic - we have time until the end of September to pay for the surgery!

Fundraiser goal:

Dopłata do operacji serca Nikosia w klinice w Genewie

Fundraiser started by: Fundacja Equus
Nikoś Skawiński, 5 years old
Katowice, śląskie
Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, HLHS
Starts on: 18 March 2021
Ends on: 09 June 2021

Fundraiser description

The latest Nikodem's tests showed that his heart condition is tragic... As a result of badly performed surgery, the pulmonary arteries are damaged, which seriously endangers our son's life.

In Poland no one wants to undertake another surgery, so we started rapidly looking for help abroad and received a positive answer from the clinic in Geneva. The surgery is to take place in mid-October, but we have to pay for it by the end of September. Unfortunately, the cost of the surgery is very high, almost knocking-down, so we would like to ask you for help, so that we can save the most precious thing we have - our son's heart...

Nikoś Skawiński

Little Nikodem (Niko) is currently 2.5 years old. He has already had several very serious heart surgeries, including the one that made his condition much worse...

We found out that our son is ill during pregnancy. However, it was only after the birth that it became clear how serious and complex problem we are dealing with. Niko was diagnosed with aortic stenosis, aortic coarctation, atrial and and ventricular septal defects. There was also a suspicion of a Bicuspid Aortic Valve.

On the fourth day of his life, the doctors decided that the aortic valve repair surgery must be done immediately. Unfortunately, the left ventricle of the heart did not start working properly. In addition a sepsis was also diagnosed. The life that had just started was already at risk! A second surgery was necessary - Norwood procedure, which transformed Niko's heart into a single chamber unit.

Nikoś Skawiński

The surgery gave us and Niko some time to recover. However, when he was 1.5 years old, he had to go back to the hospital again and we had to remind ourselves how hard it is to escort his beloved child to the surgical block. At that time, Niko underwent the so-called two-way Glenn procedure. Our hearts were breaking as soon as we looked at our baby in a mess of cables connected to machines that saved his life...

After leaving the hospital we were constantly monitoring the state of Niko's heart. In August this year we went for a heart catheterization procedure, which showed that Nikodem's heart is in very bad condition. The results, which were to improve after the catheterization, are even worse and tragic. We found out that the poor condition of the heart is a consequence of poorly performed Norwood's surgery... Nikodem has damaged pulmonary arteries, a hole in the left atrium and very much deformed sternum (breastbone). Doctors in Poland are no longer able to help us, so we started looking for help abroad. And we found...

Niko was qualified for surgery in a clinic in Geneva, where doctors would undertake restoration of the left ventricle, patch a hole in the left atrium and repair the arteries. Unfortunately, such a complex surgery in Switzerland costs a fortune: 200 000 CHF.

Nikoś Skawiński

The surgery must be performed as soon as possible so that the condition of the heart does not deteriorate even further. The clinic in Geneva has set a deadline for mid-October, but we have to pay two weeks before the surgery. This means that we have to raise the money by the end of September. We cannot wait, as we are aware that if this deadline is missed, it may be too late to save our baby...

We have already shed a lot of tears and spent hundreds of hours in hospitals, but we have never been so afraid as we are now. Apart from the fear of the surgery, there is also the fear of whether we will be able to collect such a huge amount of money to save life of our child. Therefore we would like to ask you, Please, Help Us... to save Nikodem's life.

Niko's parents

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