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Nikos’s heart in the hands of the people

Nikodem Skorża
Zbiórka zakończona
227 205,48 zł ( 100.39% )
Wsparło 21636 osób

Operacja serca w Munster - I etap korekcji wady

Nikodem Skorża
Radom, mazowieckie
Wrodzona wada serca: HLHS
Starts at: 29 July 2015
Ends at: 24 September 2015


Nikodem Skorża


Nicodemus chose me to his mom not by accident. He knows that I love hard enough to not give up. I could drown in tears, but I have no time for this. In a few months Nikos come into the world and  everything must be ready. My first test of being a mom. Plan everything as possible to prepare the world to accept my son- boy with a critical heart defect.

Nikodem Skorża

When the trees have fall the leaves and the summer becomes a memory, Nikos will come into the world in the beginning of November this year. Each control ultrasound was associated with tears of joy. The tiny bean overnight transformed a wonderful creature- the man with a beautiful life. Each subsequent visit to the doctor he established us young parents in the belief that our toddler is developing well. Hands, legs and perfect spine. Everything was wonderful.

21 st week of pregnancy- prenatal testing. The pipsqueak was viewed very slowly, conscientiously. All too carefully, motherly feeling at a certain moment made me ask the question - "Something wrong, sir?" The answer hurt - "I do not see the left ventricle of the heart". Shock, disbelief and tears stream. But perhaps all is not lost, it could be a mistake.

A week passed, it is time for specialist fetal echocardiography, a famous doctor in Warsaw. Continual prayer during the trip - hopefully it was a mistake ... The longest 40 minutes of life. Silence, heart pounding in my throat and paralyzing fear. Then everything was clear, there is no mistake.

Hypoplastic left heart - diagnosed - or lack of left, more powerful, more important half of the heart. As if the problems were not enough there is fistula between light left ventricle and the left coronary artery, which supplies the heart muscle with blood . Extremely rare "combination". We do not know why. How is it that with a healthy, well-groomed, manicured pregnancies are born so ill children. But we know that for them  is the future too and it is here, among us.

Despite the orders of doctors, "not to read stupid things on the Internet" that is where I found hope. I met a mom, whose children despite heavy heart defects alive and they are well. I saw babies in the pictures. You cannot give up, you have to fight because it's the most important thing you can do for your child. The best care is the biggest chance. And with just the support of other parents who are part of this difficult path have already passed, we are wiser and stronger.

In the end, it is time to decide where Nicodemus come into the world and who shortly after birth will fight for his life. Hundreds of articles, thousands of posts - forums, facebook, communication with parents operatively treated children and one name - Malec. Prof. Edward Malec, respected worldwide children's heart surgeon, every year regarded as the best doctor in Germany. Correction undertaking the most complex heart defects, among parents referred to as the "genius HLHS correction". It is precisely this defect with which Nikos will born and professor Malec is the only person who gives our son the biggest chance for life.

Now, Nicodemus is safe. Until the coming into the world, he's safe. With the first cry he will begin to die. Then the drug – Prostin save him. It will give the professor a few days to accurately examine Nikos and prepare for surgery.

Nikodem Skorża


Nicodemus has a chance to be born in a German University Clinic, the place where prof. Malec will be able to fight for his heart. Unfortunately, our National Health Fund will not pay for the procedure. The cost is 69 200 euro (approx. 300 000 zł).

I have a plan. Almost everything is ready so we can properly say hello and save little Nikos’s heart . The only thing missing is money  for confinement in the clinic and the first heart surgery. Only with the help of good people, we are able to fight to save our Nikos, we must meet the challenge and be on time, that is why we would like to ask for financial support. We believe that luck will not leave us now, that will help our little son, and doctors will do everything in their power to "correct" this innocent heart.

Nicodemus, having you it's like having the whole world - your mother never gives up, because moms are here to fight .

227 205,48 zł ( 100.39% )
Wsparło 21636 osób
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