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Wake up, Baby. I can't live without you ...

Dawid Rutkowski
Fundraiser goal:

Treatment and rehabilitation to wake David from a coma and bring him back to life

Fundraiser started by: Fundacja KAWAŁEK NIEBA
Dawid Rutkowski
Łódź, łódzkie
Coma, traumatic brain injury
Starts on: 17 October 2017
Ends on: 28 December 2017

Fundraiser result

"Kochani Przyjaciele i Znajomi
Dziś (16 maja) o 17.07 Dawid odszedł  :( 
Pogrzeb odbędzie się w sobotę w Płocku.


Dawid walczył - dzięki Waszej pomocy i wsparciu najbliższych mógł przejść specjalistyczną rehabilitację. Odżyła nadzieja, że wróci, że się obudzi! Niestety, los chciał inaczej...

Rodzinie i bliskim Dawida składamy najszczersze wyrazy współczucia.


Kochani Przyjaciele, Drodzy Znajomi jak również i ci, których nigdy nie miałam okazji poznać:

mam dla Was dwie wiadomości: dobrą i bardzo dobrą!

Od 27 grudnia Dawid jest w Krakowie! To dzięki Wam!
Mimo wielu przeciwności losu jesteśmy w miejscu, o które wszyscy tak dzielnie walczyliśmy. Transport Dawida przebiegł bez żadnych komplikacji (dziękujemy ekipie medycznej - jesteście Wielcy!)
Dawid to prawdziwy wojownik, a mama jeszcze większy. 
Teraz czas ciężkiej pracy dla obojga. Muszą się tam zaklimatyzować, nauczyć żyć inaczej, inaczej niż do tej pory. Wszyscy muszą się poznać nawzajem (Dawid, lekarze, logopedzi, rehabilitanci). Mama jest tam z nim cały czas, ja będę dojeżdżać w miarę moich możliwości i spędzać z nimi czas.  :) Uczyć się wszystkiego co będzie potrzebne w późniejszym czasie. 

UDAŁO SIĘ zebrać 100 % kwoty w dwa miesiące. JEST MOC!!!
Chyba żadne słowa nie odzwierciedlą mojej wdzięczności, ale spróbuję. 
DZIĘKI WAM udało się zrobić "COŚ WIELKIEGO" 
Bez Waszego zaangażowania to by nie wypaliło. 
W imieniu moim i mamy Dawida (wierzę w to, że Dawid kiedyś sam Wam podziękuje!) chcemy z całego serca podziękować WSZYSTKIM (5080) DARCZYŃCOM!  
WSZYSTKIM, którzy byli i są z nami, którzy wspierali finansowo i duchowo. 
WSZYSTKIM, którzy robili rzeczy niemożliwe: tym którzy zbierali, którzy organizowali, którzy udostępniali nasz apel, czyli 8783 osobom.

Jest Was tylu, że nie sposób wszystkich wymienić. 
Dziękuję za wszystkie wiadomości, telefony, e-maile, za dobre słowa, za wsparcie, za serce, za energię!
Energia, którą od Was dostawałam przez ten cały czas, ładowała moje akumulatory. Cały czas czuję, że jesteście z nami i mocno dopingujecie   

Pamiętajcie, że wybudzanie to proces długoterminowy. Poprawę mierzy się nie w tygodniach, ale w miesiącach, a może... nie, tego nie napiszę.  :) Skończmy na miesiącach. 
Mam nadzieję, że Dawid nas jeszcze zaskoczy i że przy naszym wsparciu wróci do nas.

Jeszcze raz dziękuję i życzę samych wspaniałości na 2018 rok!

Fundraiser description

A loud bang followed by chaos and despair breaking my heart – this is how I remember that day. I was waiting for David at home, he was on his way to see me. At the time I wouldn’t think that today he won’t come through the door, he won’t hug me as always and won’t ask how my day was. It’s not natural to think that in a minute doctors and firemen will be fighting for the life of your beloved one. I saw the accident from home. The accident, where according to all signs, he would have had no chances to survive… It was a miracle that he is still with us. I’m begging you, please help me bring him back to life. I can’t let David go…

It was a nice warm July evening that turned into a nightmare. One moment of loss of focus, someone else’s mistake and the whole life that we worked to build got ruined. I heard a monstrous bang. After running out on the balcony I looked at the road crossing near the house and I saw elements of the car thrown all over the streets. I only remember that I screamed. I was asking neighbours what make of the car it was, what is the registration number. I didn’t even hear the answers, but I already knew… Horrible and overwhelming feeling paralysed my soul, when I realised this wreck is David’s car, my fiancé’s car.

Dawid Rutkowski

I ran down the stairs screaming and praying to God. I was cursing the reality that I witnessed minutes earlier. What I saw will always remain, the picture I will always see when I close my eyes… I couldn’t even recognise our car. I heard someone mentioned the registration number and I realised that David – the love of my life, is inside the wreck. He’s dying. I barely remember the trip to hospital. I was in complete shock. With my heart in my mouth I waited for any information, whilst the doctors were fighting for David’s life. His Mum was with me, totally paralyzed by the fear of losing her only Son. After a few hours of waiting we heard that our David is in a critical state. We were told that he has cerebral oedema and chances that he’ll survive are 5%. We couldn’t stop to scream and cry. We had just heard that the most important person in our lives could pass away anytime…!

For the next two weeks I felt weak and tired. David was in a coma and not getting better at all. Every day, when I was entering the intensive care department in the hospital I wasn’t sure if he is still alive. At the same time I felt that he wouldn’t just leave me like this, this world wouldn’t just end. I knew he would fight, I knew David will not give up. He has a sportsman spirit. The weeks were passing by, but things were not getting better. Doctors at the intensive care were focusing on saving his life, not caring for his body condition. David’s body started to be covered with bedsores the size of a fist. We had an impression that the doctors at this hospital have done all they could, although David health state was only getting worse. His high temperature wouldn’t go away. My darling was balancing between life and death…

It was then that we met incredible doctor, who after learning about David situation decided to take care of him at his clinic. That is where another dramatic part of David’s life took place – Systemic infection wouldn’t let go. I was begging God not to take him away from me! The second time when he was put into pharmacological coma as the pain was too much for him, my David suffered so bad…

Dawid Rutkowski

Doctors have won over with the biggest danger – cerebral oedema have gone, but then we’ve heard more frightening news. David had suffered brain damage and will likely never wake up again… Hope dies the last! Miracles can happen, David wasn’t meant to live, his chances were close to none, but he survived. He lived regardless doctors prediction that he’ll die. I saw him fight and I had to fight, I just can’t imagine my life without him!

It is a tough struggle, life is always throwing new challenges at us, but we can already see positive results of this battle. 2 weeks ago, for the first time in a long time I cried of happiness when, whist I held David’s hand I felt slight squeeze. Although weak and barely perceptible, his touch gave myself and his Mum new hope and strength to fight! Another day and another gift – David reacted to the sound of our song! Every day his interaction is clearer and when he feels my perfumes or hears Mother’s voice he moves his eyelids. According to specialists from the clinic, current David’s state is called ‘locked-in syndrome’. It’s probably being locked within your own body, like your body was your own prison. It is the state when your body is non responsive, but the person knows what is happening around them. I believe that my David is there inside. He knows that we fight for him with all the power and all the strength we have. He wants to come back, he wants to tell us not to give up on him. Every day I tell him not to worry, because we are going to do everything that is needed for him to come back. It is harder and harder for me to believe in this… In the last month David had a slight fever. We were not allowed for rehabilitation and in this case one day with no exercise is like to go a week backward. Bedsores are almost everywhere, even on his ears. Muscle contractures are so bad, that in a while we won’t be able to straighten his legs… The most important part of healing is the first year after the accident. Any changes that will occur during this period will last forever.

Dawid Rutkowski

Every day we fight, for my fiancé and for his Mother’s Son. It is very hard. We need 24 hours professional medical service. Most importantly we need focused rehabilitation and help from experts. There are only few centres in Poland where we can ask for such help. One of these is a clinic in Krakow and they have already prepared individual rehabilitation and therapy plan for David. This is the only hope for him to come back to life and I believe with all I’ve got, that he will wake up and life will be as amazing as it used to… I need to take him back from the prison of his body and bring him back to life! There is no chance I can do this on my own… Private rehabilitation is costly and not refundable. Solution offered by government is pointless. That is why I’m asking you for help. You are our last hope. I believe that thanks to you David will come back!

We are crazy in love and happy. We had so many plans and dreams. I wish that he could hug me once again, hold me by hand and most of all I wish he could look me in the eyes. I know there is a lot of work ahead of us and long journey too. I’m sure David would do the same and he would hold my hand and would fight until the last breath. I believe that our love will fight his trouble and one day we will be able to look back and put this tragedy behind him…

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonour others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres, love never fails.

We thank you for your love and any, no matter how small gesture of support.


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