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Fibrotomia for Oliwier

Oliwier Kłodziński
Campaign finished

Fibrotomia for Oliwier

11 630,00 zł ( 100.3% )
Donated by 192 people
Campaign goal:


Oliwier Kłodziński
Domaniów, dolnośląskie
Mózgowe Porażenie Dziecięce
Starts at: 19 June 2015
Ends at: 26 July 2015

Campaign result

Pragnę serdecznie podziękować wszystkim tym, którzy otworzyli swe serca dla Oliwera. To dzięki Waszej pomocy, życzliwości i szczodrości udało się w lipcu 2015 roku przeprowadzić zabieg fibrotomii.

Po zagojeniu się małych ranek powstałych po nacięciach na włóknach mięśniowych Oliwier zrobił niebywałe postępy w rozwoju. Spastyczne dotąd nóżki rozluźniły się, dając możliwość przyswojenia nowych umiejętności. Nie straszne nam już przykurcze czy deformacje stawów. Nogi przestały się plątać, za to zaczęły wspaniale maszerować w chodziku! :)

To wszystko było możliwe dzięki Wam. Oli otrzymał szansę na lepszą jakość życia i maksymalnie ją wykorzystuje. Dziękujemy!

Campaign description

For the eye my son is a profoundly handicapped child; whereas for the heart he is the essence of love and a brave Little Man.

Oliwier was born 6 years ago. Unexpectedly, quickly and too soon. During the birth, complications occurred that resulted in the baby experiencing cerebral hemorrhage. At the beginning, the doctors were soothing us that it was not a tragedy yet and were explaining that there was a great difference between an adult experiencing cerebral hemorrhage and a child. They were saying that a child's brain is more plastic and that it was possible that the hemorrhage could get absorbed. We were waiting for this, however instead of good news, we were informed that the hemorrhage caused a number of other illnesses and that Oliwier suffered from infantile cerebral palsy.

Unfortunately, the undamaged parts of the brain did not take over the functions of the damaged parts. That is why, Oliwier had to learn each and every smallest activity all the time from the very beginning. He suffers from disorders of muscle tone distribution; that is to say increased muscle tone of arms and legs, which eventually results in contractures and deformation of joints. Axial muscular hypotonia prevents Oliwier from keeping straight position of the body. Rehabilitation has been helpful on the daily basis so far but now it is necessary for Oliwier to undergo a surgery.

Oliwier Kłodziński

Fibrotomia is a surgery which relieves children, suffering from infantile cerebral palsy, from contractures and spasticity. More than 90% of children suffering from this disease qualify for fibrotomia. After this surgery, children's legs get stronger and in many cases they are able to walk. Unfortunately, the cost of fibrotomia is not reimbursed by the National Health Service in Poland. A specialist doctor comes to Cracow several times a year and waiting lines start forming several months before. Oliwier has qualified for the surgery between 19th and 26th July 2015.

The cost of fibrotomia is very often beyond financial possibilities of families, in which there are usually two salaries. However, it is even more difficult when it happens that one of parents is not able to deal with such a serious illness of a child and disappears, forcing the one remaining to act for both of them. Oliwier's father stopped contacting his son when Oliwier turned one. Since that time, he has not been visiting Oliwier and has not been helping us. I spend all my time with Oliwier but I am not able to collect the proper amount of money which will help him to get rid of pain and liven up his legs. That is why, I ask you for help.

11 630,00 zł ( 100.3% )
Donated by 192 people

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