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Last hope for Patrick ... Let's save this lives from cancer!

Patryk Brzykcy

Last hope for Patrick ... Let's save this lives from cancer!

Fundraiser goal:

CAR-T Cell immunotherapy - the only hope

Fundraiser organizer: Fundacja Siepomaga
Patryk Brzykcy
Wągrowiec, wielkopolskie
refractory acute lymphoblastic leukemia
Starts on: 01 October 2019
Ends on: 04 November 2019

Previous fundraisers:

Patryk Brzykcy
1 479 132,00 zł ( 98.32% )
78810 donors
27.07.2018 - 01.10.2019

5 cykli leczenia lekiem Blincyto / dalsze leczenie lekiem Inotuzumab

1 479 132,00 zł ( 98.32% )

5 cykli leczenia lekiem Blincyto / dalsze leczenie lekiem Inotuzumab

Fundraiser result

11 stycznia 2020 roku Patryk zasnął po raz ostatni...

Ostatnie Święta spędził w domu, z najbliższymi. Z ludźmi, których serca dziś krwawią z rozpaczy... Po nieludzko ciężkiej walce z chorobą nowotworową przyszedł czas odpocząć. 

Patryku! Nigdy nie zapomnimy Twojego hartu ducha i siły, z którą walczyłeś z nowotworem. Każdy wyrwany dzień był zwycięstwem - Twoim i wszystkich tych, którzy dołączyli do walki. Dziś w sercach jest żal... Patryk zjednoczył tysiące osób, które ruszyły z pomocą. Wierzymy, że ta uwolniona moc dobra będzie krążyła po świecie, dając jeszcze wiele nadziei i pocieszenia. 

Nie ma słów, które zdołają wyrazić tę stratę. Rodzinie i bliskim Patryka składamy najszczersze wyrazy współczucia.

Fundraiser description

Another blow! We don't know how much more we can take, how much more Patrick can handle... the cancer is back for the third time. He has been waking up for so many months knowing that any given day could be his final. He's only 21 years old. He shouldn't be faced with the debilitating thought of death lurking around the corner. Yet, having AML doesn't give him much choice. AML doesn't ask him whether he would kindly want to live longer. The brutal reality is that the medical treatments available in Poland have very little to offer at this stage.

The last chance for Patryk at the moment is the latest medical innovation called Car-T cell therapy which can be performed in Germany. Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy has been clinically proven to efficiently combat haematological malignancies.

We're standing here in front of you again asking for help. This third recurrence is different; cancer is progressing at alarming speed. We aren't going to give up. Simply We can't. We want to thank you very much for supporting our previous fundraising campaign which helped us a lot. It's thanks to you that Patryk is still with us, fighting over and over again, believing that with our support he will succeed.

Patryk Brzykcy

In our situation literally every minute counts. While chemo is being infused into Patryk's fragile veins, the oncologists are frantically looking for other options outside the state. They are not ashamed to seek help elsewhere, knowing that there is very little they can offer here. After contacting a clinic in Germany, we know the price for Patryk's life. It's as cruel as it looks – 350 000 euro. Three hundred thousand. A lot of zeros there.....

Currently, we have 600 000 PLN (140 000 euro). This means that we are short 900.000 PLN (208 000 euro).  We're desperately asking you for help to raise the missing amount. We know so many of you have helped us already and we are humbly asking you again for more. Without you, Patryk doesn't stand a single chance.....

How much time do we have left? We know already. The answer is merciless - very little. After the radical chemo which is being infused into Patryk's body right now as we are typing these words, the therapy in Germany must start without delay. There Patrick will be prepared for another bone marrow transplant, this time the donor will be either his mom or dad.

Patryk Brzykcy

Patryk has so much to live for......Cancer has had no mercy on him so far. This poor thin guy has gone through a lot. Fate hasn't been too lenient on him. He knows the taste of unbearable pain and bitter tears. For him, we don't give up, doctors don't either. One thing is for certain. Patryk doesn't want to die. He has the right to try all the options that contemporary medicine can offer to him. Let's not let the latitude, the financial ability of the health department of the states Patryk lives in decide whether he can live or not. Therefore, we are asking you for help, prayers and spiritual support. We are on the edge, we know we can't do it alone, we can't do it without you... the army of humble angels....

Patryk's story

My name is Patryk, I got cancer shortly after my 18th birthday. I entered adulthood with a deadly disease circulating in my blood and bone marrow. It started with innocent pain in my joints, back, knees. The family doctor prescribed an antibiotic, but then when things didn't get better, he looked worried. The first blood tests revealed there was something wrong with me. They took my blood several times as if they wanted to prove themselves wrong. They weren't. I was taken to  hospital, then my mom came and told me I was really sick. I knew then I had cancer.

I was devastated to say the least. The next emotion which I remember is the feeling of hopelessness.  I didn't want to fight, I didn't want to go through hell associated with the unequal fight with cancer. I was ready to give up. But my family didn't let me. My beloved fiancée Natalia came to me and said that I couldn't give up because I was not living just for myself. I knew it then I had to live - for my loved ones! That's how my fight began...

Patryk Brzykcy

It started in November 2016. I had endless chemo sessions, successful bone marrow transplant and non-refundable treatment which I could go through thanks to you, my supporters! When the news came about remission, I was truly the happiest person in the world. It didn't last long. My enemy returned. The cancer was back with me. We had to start all over again. We were brave and strong. When things started improving, I gained hope again that things could be OK again.

Then, one August day, the doctors didn't bring good news for me. Recurrence. The third one. The most aggressive one, the most brutal. I have recently talked to my oncologist  what we can do next. I don't have many options left. The only effective one is the extremely expensive breakthrough CAR-T cell therapy in one of the German clinics. It's all what I have left to hope for......

I've thought so many times that the game is over, that I can't take it any longer. Bad news, worse news, the worst news brought indescribable pain, but it was different from pain caused by my cancer. It was my soul's deepest despair from losing hope...

Patryk Brzykcy

I don't know how I've managed to hold myself together to this point. I'm back in hospital, chemo is being infused into my veins. How many liters of it have gone through my body already? What is the real damage? It's hard to describe what I feel right now when typing these words. I can barely deal with the stubborn enemy which keeps coming back. It's getting stronger, and I'm getting weaker. I know it. My last hope is the clinic in Germany. I don't want to die, I don't want to leave my parents, Natalia, my loved ones and friends...

I ask you for support, even though I don't know so many of you in person. Although I'm aware that I'm asking for a lot, I have no other choice. I was given a price for my life. With many zeros....... Please, help me fight for my life.

Thank you.


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