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The suffering of my son - a view I can't stand

Piotuś Lach
Fundraiser finished
Fundraiser goal:

Rehabilitation - to make Piotrek able to work

Piotuś Lach, 17 years old
Tychy, śląskie
Starts on: 13 April 2017
Ends on: 15 July 2017

Fundraiser description

When I see scars on my son's arms and legs, my heart bleeds. They are those marks that remind me what a brave baby I have, how much he must have suffered through, to simply be alive ...

 Piotuś Lach

The doctors, 3 months after birth said that Piotrek would be a brain dead - he has a hole in the brain and damage is impossible to rebuild. Instead of words of consolation, we heard that our beloved son has no chance to lead a normal life. They looked at us with commiseration. Piotruś was listed as a lost cause. For us, parents, it was a huge blow but we didn’t breakdown. I remember the day of his birth vividly- the fear, the feeling that something is very wrong. On Friday I had very strong contractions and was placed in a ward. This was the beginning of the 7th month of pregnancy. I was lying in the hospital’s bed feeling that something bad is going to happen ... Piotruś was born the next day. Saturday. Although I asked physicians to perform a caesarean section, they decided on natural birth. Then hypoxia happen. My son came into the world baring tragic consequences - his life is forever marked by suffering…

 Piotuś Lach

The average person, who sees our son, thinks "poor child". We never think of him that way. For us Peter is a hero, a light of our life. I do not know where he draws strength to fight from. Sometimes after hours of exhaustive rehabilitation exercises he cries, he is tired, he is in great pain. I want to cry at that time. I would like to relieve my child’s pain, ease his life but I know that it is all for his own good, that there is no medicine, that only hard work can reduce pain. Nevertheless, I know that after the moments of bitterness, smile will appear again on Piotr's face. Continuously Piotruś suffers, he can’t walk, he spends long hours in a wheelchair in one position resulting in contractures, which are worsening the defects in the spine...

 Piotuś Lach

Our son’s everyday is a huge amount of suffering, that no one should bear! Piotruś is surprising us every day. He also amazes the therapists - when I tell them what he has done at home, it’s hard to believe, that a child with such limitations can do so much! Eye therapy, SI, neurologopedical and pedagogical classes, physical rehabilitation and travels are multi-profiled strikes that brings results - Piotruś has lowered his body tension, is making him better with his hands, feet and mouth - chewing food, pronouncing more sounds. Slowly he stands on his own. With help, he is making his first steps and he also tries to move in a special walker. After the latest rehabilitations, Piotruś is able to stand longer in the upright position. We have also introduced alternative communications - pictures and symbols, this is getting better and better. We can’t imagine lack of funds will cause our son to loose the chance for healthy life ... For us, our son’s happiness is a priority.

Before he was born, I have had other hopes and dreams for him- I wanted Piotruś to graduate, have a good job and a family... Today I just want one – for him to be independent; to never feel like a burden; to be able to cope, when we are gone. Time cannot be stopped, however, its passage works as his disadvantage, that’s why we asking for HELP. Body deformities will become irreversible and I do not want my child to suffer anymore.

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