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Rozbudzić płomień życia dla Agnieszki

Agnieszka Holka
Campaign finished

Rozbudzić płomień życia dla Agnieszki

69 742,00 zł ( 77.06% )
Donated by 960 people
Campaign goal:

Łóżko MULTICARE przeznaczone do opieki długoterminowej / MULTICARE bed for long-term care

Campaign organiser: Fundacja Sedeka
Agnieszka Holka
Józefów, mazowieckie
uraz śródczaszkowy z długotrwałym okresem nieprzytomności, rozlany uraz mózgu / Intracranial injury with prolonged period of unconsciousness, diffuse brain injury
Starts at: 26 August 2015
Ends at: 05 February 2016

Campaign result

Z funduszy uzbieranych dla mojej siostry Agnieszki udało się kupić łóżko. Nie takie jak planowaliśmy, gdyż nie udało się zebrać całej kwoty, ale tańsze powystawowe, z którego również jesteśmy bardzo zadowoleni. Serdecznie dziękujemy za wsparcie, jakie otrzymaliśmy zarówno od darczyńców, jak i osób zarządzających portalem, bez pomocy których cała akcja nie miałaby szansy powodzenia.

Całą rodziną bardzo się cieszymy, że Agnieszka ma tak komfortowy i specjalistyczny sprzęt. Ponieważ tak duży wydatek udało się pokryć z darowizn dobrych ludzi, my możemy skoncentrować się teraz na zapewnieniu Agnieszce odpowiedniego poziomu rehabilitacji. Dziękujemy wszystkim ludziom o wielkich sercach!

Campaign description

December afternoon, unlit pedestrian crossing, a car speeds from the side, a split of a second... and Agnieszka’s whole life, full of plans, dreams, energy and joy, barely smolders, as if someone dimmed the flame. But Agnieszka is only 24 years old and has a great appetite for life. We must once again kindle that fire.

Just 8 months ago my sister Agnieszka was a strong and full of life girl. When, after three years of studying in London she informed us that she’s coming back home, we were very happy. Now, however, I think it would have been better if she had not returned to Poland ... "- confesses sister.

"December 12th 2014, Friday, the last days before Christmas. We were supposed to meet in a café and grab our favorite chocolate cake. Agnieszka has never made it to  our meeting. That day the fate mocked her dreams and plans, and our world was immersed in overwhelming grief ".

Agnieszka Holka

"It only took a split of a second. Agnieszka is leaving work. She is on a pedestrian crossing. A car is speeding from the side. It doesn’t manage to hit the breaks in time. The impact force crushes Agnieszka’s femur, scatters broken facial bones. But the worst is yet to come... Agnieszka loses consciousness and falls into a coma. Ambulance. Hospital. Operating block. The ventilator.


Stacks of equipment cables, which to this day I can’t properly name. Swelling of the brain is growing with every moment, doctors are struggling with many emerging hematomas in the brain. Vital signs are falling ... a decision is made:  a craniectomy, a surgery to remove part of the skull to be able to access the brain, must immediately be performed.

Agnieszka loses contact with the world. For many months still, mired in a coma body, is struggling with all the possible bacteria and doesn’t have the strength to defend itself, it does not take the fight…  The doctors, all the staff and family keep on fighting, though. Friends mobilize themselves. Everyone helps as they can and know how to... 


Instead of traveling, friends and passion, which filled her every day, chained to a hospital bed with all  the necessary medical accessories - her "comrades", she struggles with fate. It's been 277 days since the accident... it's been 8 months. There is still a chance that it could get better. The first two years after the injury, is a time when the most can be done. Medicines, rehabilitation and hope that someday Agnieszka will come back to us, will smile …

Agnieszka Holka


"I strain all my senses, to again be able to see you smiling, to see you with disheveled hair. With all my strength I’m trying to retain in my head the memory of you from before the accident. I open my eyes though, and things don’t want to be different... a heartbreaking view. I believe that you will come back to us, that good days will come... "- says sister.

"I open the door of the hospital ward, and the world keeps rushing ... Yours was brutally stopped by a highway menace. Now we learn to live again. It's so hard to say what we dream of for Aga while dealing with ruthless reality ... We can’t be sure of anything, every day brutally reveals another painful card. I'm only sure of what we want to avoid. We will not put Agnieszka in a closed center, we will not give up, we will continue to work and hope ... We want to be prepared for Aga to come back home, to be among her loved ones - apparently the mere presence of another human being filled with love is the most effective therapy. The house needs to be adjusted, though (expand the frames, reorganize bathroom) and most importantly – we need to get proper bed and equipment, without which Agnieszka is no longer able to live. We have to take care of that ourselves. "

All that is accidental in our lives, seems to be less valuable. It appears without a warning, without planning and anticipation... Fate in turn makes us stand out from the crowd, marks us with love, and as it happens, also with suffering. It can be a gift, but also a punishment. Both fate and chance have their place. Here and now. December’s tragic events irrevocably took away Agnieszka’s health. 

Maybe it was a coincidence. However, we believe that you getting here wasn’t an accident. You can help us light a ray of hope for Agnieszka again,  kindle the flame of her life, wake her up from sleep. May she dream and fulfill her dreams – in reality. Together with us.

69 742,00 zł ( 77.06% )
Donated by 960 people

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