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He understands everything, does not say anything - there is a chance to change it. Help Hubert!

Hubert Lesiak
Campaign finished
125 560,53 zł ( 100.44% )
Donated by 4578 people
Campaign goal:

Goal of the charity collection: Stem cell administration in Bangkok

Campaign organiser: Fundacja Słoneczko
Hubert Lesiak, 16 years
Opoczno, łódzkie
Dziecięce Porażenie Mózgowe czterokończynowe-spastyczne
Starts at: 06 November 2017
Ends at: 03 March 2018

Campaign result

Kochani Pomagacze!

Hubcio jest prawie 3 miesiące po serii przeszczepów komórek macierzystych - pierwsze podanie miał 20 kwietnia 2018 roku. Zmian jest dużo i choć nadal nie ma mowy czynnej, to zbliża się ona wielkimi krokami. Hubert w ciągu 2 tygodni nauczył się dmuchać w flet, harmonijkę- to bardzo ważne dla mowy! Wypowiada głoski "U", "O", "A" "E". Poprawiała się znacząco komunikacja z nami, pokazuje wszystko, co chce. No i jedna z ważniejszych rzeczy: Hubert wykonuje polecenia!!! Poproszony o przyniesienie śliniaka, pampersa, butów - robi to natychmiast. Ponadto, jak wołamy go na jedzenie, to sam przychodzi, wie gdzie usiąść i czeka. Nie było tego wcześniej. Wiedzieliśmy, że rozumie, ale rzadko reagował. Koordynacja ruchowo-wzrokowa również się poprawiła: kiedyś Hubcio nie umiał się zatrzymać, teraz nie dość, że się zatrzymuje, to jeszcze precyzyjnie bierze, co chce, nawet z podłogi.

Hubert jest też dużo bardziej silniejszy fizycznie, niesamowicie zregenerowany, nie odczuwa zmęczenia, trudu, gorąca. Całkowicie ustały ataki padaczkowe! Hubcio jest bez leków, bez oleju konopnego i ataków brak!

Wiedzieliśmy, że komórki macierzyste działają i jest to jedyna droga do naprawy uszkodzonych struktur w mózgu. Wiemy też, że jedna seria nie wystarczy, aby naprawić wszystko. Dlatego planujemy powrót i kolejną serię, która, mamy nadzieję, naprawi jeszcze więcej.

Kochani, dziękujemy Wam bardzo za pomoc!

Armia aniołów, którą jesteście, pokazuje że świat może być lepszy, piękniejszy i szczęśliwy!

Nasze życie znacząco się zmieniło na lepsze, prostsze. Te małe cuda dzieją się dzięki Wam!
Choć to zwykłe DZIĘKUJEMY -  płynie z głębi naszych serc!
Głęboko wierzymy, że kiedyś Hubert sam Wam to powie :)

Hubert Lesiak

Campaign description

Choices - smaller or larger, we make them every day. I could not choose whether my child would be healthy or sick. I could not choose a disease that is easier to live with. My Hubcio does not speak, he can take a few steps, but he does not walk by himself. And believe me, if I could have a choice - will he walk or talk, I would choose speech. Because he can handle living on a wheelchair, but all his life without being able to say a word? It’s an enormous pain.

Hubert Lesiak

Do you remember the movie „Chce sie zyc"? Hubert is like the main character - understands everything, but no one understands him because he cannot say anything. I do not know why he is sick. He was probably hypoxic during delivery. Then he also caught the bacterium in the hospital but before it was detected he was vaccinated... The next day he had pneumonia. Each of these events could have contributed to the diagnosis of cerebral palsy.

Reconciled with the fact that our first son is a disabled child, for over 12 years we have been trying to use what medicine achieved to help children like Hubert. At the same time, we try not to let Hubert sit in four walls, we take him with us everywhere, let him enjoy life. We found a way to overcome epilepsy, which began to destroy the already damaged brain - we discontinued the opaque drugs and included the CBD oil - the attacks stopped completely!

Hubert Lesiak

Hubert is an amazing boy. Stubborn, fierce, but also full of joy. Thanks to his stubbornness, we understood that he understands everything! Thanks to his persistence, we realized that he can read. Our life is difficult, but not boring - many fantastic stories are behind us. For example, the one when we learned, that Hubert can read. Our son loves different newspapers and his favorite is the one with a television program. As soon as the new „Tele Week” had appeared, Hubert had to "read" it. Back then we had thought that he "reads" in his own way, but we began to observe that he was demanding that we turn on the TV and the right channel when the time indicated in the newspaper was coming! It turned out that he not only knows how to read, but he knows how to read the time on the clock. Another example: Hubcio loves football. He once got an album of football players. I asked him: which one is Blaszczykowski? And he indicated him with his finger, you guessed it - flawlessly. I asked him once: Hubert, who is this? I did not count on an answer, he did not speak, and he showed me in the text the name and surname of the player I was asking about. I was shocked.

We knew that Hubert dreams about going to the live football game. However, there were always other expenses - drugs, rehabilitation. However, one day I said to my husband: "He will never ask me: „Mom, buy me a Play Station, Dad, buy me some rollerblades.” And these are more expensive things than a ticket for the game. We need to take him there at least that one time! "When he entered the stadium, he was squeaking. He sat for two hours, watched the game and did not even frown. Our son was truly happy.

Hubert Lesiak

There is no cure for cerebral palsy. You can improve your child's abilities with different methods, constantly and persistently. Sometimes, thanks to years of hard work, various therapies are very successful. We have tried many therapies, each brought its harvest into our son’s progress. Each contributed to the state in which Hubert is today. It's all a mix of hard work, love and many human hearts!

Recent reports from medicine researches indicate stem cells as an innovative method of treatment of many chronic and incurable diseases! One of these diseases is the cerebral palsy. A stem cell has two abilities: an unlimited number of divisions and differentiation into other types of cells. This means that they can replace any damaged tissue and take over its functions. And in this way "fix" the damaged place. We have been waiting for more than 3 years for a stem cell transplant in Cracow, where a non-commercial medical experiment was created. Unfortunately, we can say with full responsibility that we have been deceived! Sorrow, sadness, anger, even hatred enveloped our hearts for some time. But we had to rise up and fight for those cells!

Hubert Lesiak

After a very large selection of sites in which stem cells are commercially transplanted to children with cerebral palsy, we chose the most experienced, competent, successful place in this therapy. We plan to administer cells in Bangkok, Thailand. We made a broad reconnaissance, finally choosing between Lublin in Poland and Bangkok in Thailand. In Bangkok they offer us the most advantageous offer, namely 300 million stem cells in 6 infusions of 50 million at a time, plus additional therapies: hyperbaric chamber, physical rehabilitation, acupuncture, diet and injections of growth factors. All this affects the body "stuffed" with cells, which also helps them in settling and multiplying. In Poland, Hubcio could get 150 million cells in 5 infusions in a terribly long time of 10 months! But first a long queue of waiting would be ahead of him. In Thailand, we can start a month after collecting funds.

It is not easy to ask for help constantly, but we have no other choice. We have long wondered if our morality towards society is correct, because there is a lot of collections for life-saving operations! But after talking to many people, even the parents of terminally ill children who support our initiative, we came to the conclusion that WE are fighting for our child - no one will do it for us. And by abandoning our dreams of speech, our plans for stem cells, we will not help our son or the world. We still hear that time is chasing us, that Hubert will soon be too big for cell therapy, that the plasticity of the brain decreases with age... So we cannot wait another year. And we are convinced that with your help, with the army of hearts, we can do it this time.

125 560,53 zł ( 100.44% )
Donated by 4578 people
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