The Pure Jatomi 6-in-6 Challenge dla Nikolka

Brian Allan
organizator skarbonki

Pure Jatomi and Brian Allan


The Pure Jatomi 6-in-6 Challenge dla Nikolka

Over a 6 week period, starting on February 2nd til March 14th, Pure Jatomi Master Trainer Konrad Topolski will put Brian Allan through an intense training regime, and specialized diet, in an attempt to locate and show his 6 pack (it hasn't been seen for +23yrs). Additionally, Pure Jatomi are opening their doors this Sunday afternoon - 1-2pm, to members and non-members who wish to partake in a group PT session with Brian and Konrad, and their entrance fee will be kindly donated by Pure Jatomi into our fund for Nikolka. At select Pure Jatomi locations guests who join the weekend group sessions can purchase a commemorative "I Did The 6-in-6 Challenge dla Nikolka" t-shirt and net proceeds from this t-shirt will go directly to our fund.

Personal message from Brian Allan: I am doing this challenge because I know 100% the money raised will indeed go to saving Nikolka's life and I wish to one day know this amazing little courageous girl... The happiest day of my life will be when she comes to Warsaw one day in the future and plays with my own daughter Nadia... Thanks for all your support in advance.

Rock On



1 000 zł


25 zł

Anonimowa Pomagaczka

50 zł


30 zł

Anonimowy Pomagacz

Bedzie dobrze!
15 zł

Anonimowy Pomagacz

Obiecałam sobie, że zamiast wydać pieniądze na kolejną paczkę papierosów, zrobię z nich pożytek. Nie dziękujcie - to ja dziękuję. Wszystkiego dobrego.
150 zł


ROCK ON, NIKOLA! We are with you x

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