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I'm 32 years old, I'm married and I got 2 kids. I must beat the death to stay with them!

Rafał Kupis
Fundraiser finished
Fundraiser goal:

operation in Hanover

Fundraiser organizer: Fundacja Siepomaga
Rafał Kupis, 36 years old
Głosków, mazowieckie
Naczyniak jamisty pnia mózgu
Starts on: 24 September 2018
Ends on: 14 October 2018

Fundraiser result

7 listopada dzięki Waszym ogromnym sercom i Fundacji Siepomaga odbyła się operacja. Naczyniaka usunięto w całości! Teraz już wiemy, że decyzja o zbiórce była jedną z najlepszych w naszym życiu. Wstyd się przyznać ale nie wierzylismy, że uda nam się zebrać tak ogromną kwotę bo z tego wynika, że nie wierzylismy w dobro ludzkich serc.

Rafał Kupis

Ale to nie tak. Nie zdawaliśmy sobie sprawy z tego, że skala tego dobra będzie tak ogromna! Dziękuję Wam Wszystkim i każdemu z osobna. Dzięki Wam nasza rodzina dostała nowe życie. Rafał jest intensywnie rehabilitowany i z dnia na dzień wraca do pełni sił.

Wszystkim, którzy nas wsparli życzymy zdrowia w formacie XXL i niech to dobro do Was wróci że zdwojoną siłą!
Daria, żona Rafała, najszczęśliwsza kobieta pod słońcem:) 

Fundraiser description

I beg you on my knees – help us to reverse the fortune. My husband has been diagnosed with coexisting nevus cavernous and haemangioma in brainstem. Every day with him is a miracle for us.

Last new year’s eve turned to be one of the happiest day in our life. We got to know that we will be parents again. It was a great joy because we really wanted that our year and a half son – Igorek had siblings and wasn’t the only child. 

Precisely 3 weeks later we have gone through the worst day of our life – my husband has been diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Rafał Kupis

It was Friday. My husband called me. He said: “Listen sunshine, I’m in a hospital, they have found something in my head, I need you to come and take the car from the parking because I have to stay for further tests.” I sat on the sofa, and the world suddenly stopped. I didn’t hear anything and the sight became blurred. I was horrified. Igorek was running around and saying something but I couldn’t hear even my own child.

My mother helped me to pack some the most necessary things. On my way to hospital I felt my stomach squeezed. I thought about my unborn child – will it make it, I was afraid I was going to miscarry.

In the hospital they informed us that CT showed a tumour measuring 15mm x 12mm, but they didn’t know what it was at that moment. MRI  was needed.

At 17.00 my husband had been taken for MRI. I waited. How I felt then cannot be described by any words. It was a long test. Minute trailed after minute. After MRI a doctor said that the results will be available after the weekend.

With tears in my eyes I begged for some information, I told him I was 7 weeks pregnant and not coping with stress well. The doctor only laughed strangely and told me that it was Friday afternoon, there was no radiologist in hospital and not a chance for any information.

The weekend was dreadful. We abided with no knowledge. I texted some family and friends and asked them for prayers and not calling us because we weren’t able to talk to anyone. On Monday the diagnosis came - nevus cavernous of the brainstem, inoperable. The tumour is not malignant but its every haemorrhage to brainstem can kill my husband.

After we left the hospital we started looking for help with other neurosurgery specialists. We learnt that this kind of tumour does not qualify for radiotherapy – gamma knife, proton therapy or frequently performed angioma embolization. The only possibilities are either unbelievably complicated and dangerous operation, with a risk of disability or death, or just observing the tumour, which means life in constant anxiety, waiting for the worst with a bomb ticking in head, which seems unavoidable, because according to neurosurgeons the risk of another haemorrhage accounts to 50% in a year.

Rafał Kupis

Not being able to accept such circumstances, we searched further. We went for a consultation to a clinic in Hannover, that specializes in brain tumours operating. Neurosurgeons from the clinic want to  venture an operation to remove the angioma from the brainstem.  The risk of complications differs enormously from what we have heard in Poland. They will surely come – it’s the brainstem – a place where all “paths of life” go, but there is a great chance that my husband will be the “cabbage” until the end of his days, he will live.

The price of operation knocked us down – 55 thousand euros. First thoughts – how? Where from? It’s completely unreal. How could we collect such an amount. We don’t have savings, we are young marriage starting from the scratch. We do not come from wealthy families.

You are our last and only hope. I beg you – help us! My husband is just 32 years old, in a moment his second son will come to this world. I cannot imagine that boys could grow without they father. I cannot imagine life without my husband I love so much. It is so difficult for us to live with a thought that the next day could be the last one. The joy from awaiting the child has been replaced by constant anxiety. Help, please, each penny is worth its weight in gold, in life.

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