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The E.R. doctor is fighting for life! Dorota saved others, today she asks for help ...

Dorota Jakus Stoga

The E.R. doctor is fighting for life! Dorota saved others, today she asks for help ...

596 708,00 zł ( 89.86% )
Donated by 7101 people
Campaign goal:

Modern OPTUNE therapy

Campaign organiser: Fundacja Siepomaga
Dorota Jakus Stoga, 56 years
Tarnów, małopolskie
Four-stage glioblastoma multiform
Starts at: 19 July 2019
Ends at: 14 July 2020

Campaign result

Z ogromnym żalem zawiadamiamy, że 13 lipca 2020 roku Dorota zasnęła na zawsze. 

Walczyła dzielnie. Dzięki tej zbiórce i leczeniu w Niemczech udało się podarować Dorocie cenne miesiące życia, które mogła spędzić w otoczeniu córek i swoich bliskich. 

Właśnie dlatego było warto, bo w tak ciężkiej chorobie każdy dzień ma znaczenie. 


Rodzinie i bliskim składamy najszczersze wyrazy współczucia. 

* Środki, których nie zdążyła wykorzystać Dorota, decyzją rodziny zostaną przekazane na leczenie Podopiecznych Fundacji Siepomaga. Po uzgodnieniu szczegółów pojawi się tu szczegółowa informacja. 

Campaign description

Hospital emergency ward. Here, I helped people every day, I often saved lives. I have a beautiful but difficult job. I had ... At the beginning of July, it turned out that there was a deadly enemy in my head - glioblastoma multiforme in the fourth grade of malice. I'm a doctor, I know how terrible situation I've found myself in. However, I cannot give up. I believe that I will stop this monster, that I will come back to work ... Today I am asking for help, for a chance to live.

Dorota Jakus Stoga

I am 55 years old, only 55 years old ... I also have two wonderful daughters, a job in which I am needed, passions and plans for the future. I love traveling, Bieszczady, animals, I am a huge fan of the band Kult, I go to most concerts! All the time on the run, on the move, always independent, I do not know what boredom is. I spent the last years working in Tarnów at the St. Lukasz's Hospital Emergency Department, earlier for over 25 years I was treating patients of the hospital in Tuchów. This year I was to celebrate the 30th anniversary of my work as a medical doctor. Unfortunately, life decided to write me a different scenario ...

Instead of celebrating, I am forced to fight for my own life ... On July 1 this year, a friend from work noticed a sloping corner of my mouth. Earlier, I often had a headache, which I also talked about. It made her think, she sent me urgently to the tomography test. Already after this test, it was known that it was not good ... It turned out that there was a tumor in my head. What kind of tumor? We did not know that yet, but it was necessary to act quickly ...

Dorota Jakus Stoga

The surgery to remove the tumor that was performed in Tarnów a few days later, exactly on July 5, confirmed the worst case scenario. The tumor I was diagnosed with is a fourth degree glioblastoma (GBM IV). The worst possible, extremely dangerous ... During surgery, about 98% of the tumor was removed, the rest could not be safely cut out. Unfortunately, such tumor always grows back, even removed completely. Each time more and more aggressive, it is a deadly threat, life on a ticking bomb. There is hope, however!

The whole family, friends and friends are looking for help for me. Today OPTUNE therapy is a great chance to survive. This is a special device that you must constantly carry with you. Special diodes placed on the head create a magnetic field that makes cancer cells not divide, the cancer does not grow. In the case of malignant glioma it is the greatest hope for survival for patients. Unfortunately, it is also horrendously expensive ...

Dorota Jakus Stoga

As probably for most people, also for me and my relatives, the amount of more than half a million zlotys is unattainable ... We do not have such savings, we are not able to get so much money. That is why I am asking for help. I am asking for the chance that I will be able to raise funds to save my life ... so that I can still save others.



Dorota - wonderful mother, sister, aunt, friend, doctor by vocation, extremely active woman. It is terribly unfair that the cancer has attacked her right now ... On July 5th she has undergone an operation that should be followed as soon as possible by OPTUNE treatment, in order to stop the development of the cancer. Every day matters, each hour is worth the weight of life, each, even the smallest amount, gives us a chance to save Dorota!

Dorota Jakus Stoga

She has helped others so many times ... We believe that the good comes back and will come back right now, when it is needed most. Dorota wants to heal so much, enjoy life, spend time with her daughters and friends and continue to heal. I just want to live ...

By helping Dorota, you can help others - her patients, whom she gives all her knowledge, experience and heart. Today, rehabilitation is underway for Dorota to regain control of her body. As a child she learns everything from scratch. Brain surgery is an extremely serious interference, but we do not give up. We do everything to let Dorota have a chance to live, but we know that we cannot do it alone. We are asking for help...

At the same time, we would like to thank you for all your help, both for the payment as well as for sending this message further.

Dorota's family and friends

596 708,00 zł ( 89.86% )
Donated by 7101 people

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