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Goal: Heart surgery in Munster
Kuba Barszczewicz
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Kuba Barszczewicz

HLHS – Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome

Toruń, kujawsko-pomorskie

Started: 06 February 2018
Ends: 26 March 2018

Under my heart I carry my son - Kubus. I do not know if I will get a chance to meet him, because his critical heart defect may take him from us right after his birth! HLHS means that Kuba is going to be born with only half of his heart. The dramatic fight for his life will start with his first breath…

Heart surgery must be done right after delivery. If we do not make it, Kuba will not be able to live more than a month. His heart is too weak to keep him alive…

Two lines on the pregnancy test were a drem come true - those dreams about our happy, four-person family. At the beginning of December we were dreaming about next Christmas with our children, playing by the Christmas tree. We did not know whether Adas will have  a brother or sister but for the second time we were the happiest people in the world…

From the very beginning, we have done all the medical check-ups. At the first prenatal examination doctor told us that we are going to have another son, and Adas will have a younger brother. Now we are afraid to dream about our baby - we do not know if our baby will survive the first days of his life…

About Kuba’s heart defect I heard at the medical check-up, several days before Christmas. I went there alone and I do not remember that moment when the doctor told me about my son’s heart defect.  While leaving the doctor’s office I was crying, I do not remember anything else…

HLHS Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. Our baby needs 3 surgeries.

The time, which should be the best time in our life became a nightmare. We were hoping that it was a mistake. Unfortunately, the next examination confirmed the worst. We cried many nights, the four-letter disease change our life and every day we wake up with a fear about our son’s life…

I went to the hospital just before Christmas Eve.  I have a lot of time to find as much information as I could about HLHS. All information I found was not good - this defect may cause a lot of complications. My heart screamed in despair but I knew that I can not give up, I need to fight for my baby! 

We talked to people from our city whose child has the same HLHS defect - they told us about professor Edward Malc from the University Clinic in Munster who specializes in children’s surgery with heart defects. Unfortunately, the cost of surgery in Munster is huge and we do not have much time to collect the money. On the 25th of April we must be at the Clinic and since that time we need to collect 350 000 zl. Although pregnancy time should be a quiet time, we cannot stay calm. What if we do not make it? Our child will not have a chance to live…

In mother’s belly Kubus is safe. When he will take his first breath, he will start the fight for his life, as his heart is too weak to pump blood. The doctors will give him the medicine Prostin and prepare Kubus for the surgery.

We cannot imagine that the day of birth is the last day of our son’s life. Please help us to save our son’s life. We will not get another chance…

Verified Charity collection verified by the Siepomaga Foundation
Supported by 3 754 people
148 004,20 zł (100,01%)

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